Why I Find Myself Wavering on #NeverTrump

A column which I am not particularly proud to have written but that reflects current reality as it exists. All I need is a good third party candidate to step firmly into the #NeverTrump camp. #NeverHillary goes without saying. And all this after i said I wouldn’t write about Presidential politics anymore. Here is the column.

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One Response to Why I Find Myself Wavering on #NeverTrump

  1. Bree says:

    Sorry Chris, I can extend sympathy but it would seem you are in need of a serious reality check from a never Trump solid conservative Christian. You can ban me from the blog or call me down but there is no substitute for the truth or any manipulation of it, like it or not. You obviously don’t hear enough of it (truth) or people around you only tell you what you want to hear (like Job’s friends) First, I am a real never Trump voter to the last breath for all the reasons you mentioned plus a few more. I have been a solid Christian for more than fifty years and a military family for half my life having my husband serve in two wars and my son killed in Iraq at the age of 21. I have been through it all and am a widow now involved in the political process of the America I have loved and given everything for. I have nothing to lose except my country that is now under siege. I’m fighting another war now and its for the very soul of America. This is not a war of flesh and blood but the evil that is from the beginning of time. The nations, especially this one, belongs to the Lord and God judges all nations. We are going the way all fallen nations have gone that have rejected God. We are morally, financially and spiritually bankrupt – and proud of it! No one can make America great again without GOD! It is one nation under God or be a nation gone under. We are going under and fast. Everything Trump stands for is contrary to the commands of God’s Word for this nation. When you listen to him you have exchanged the truth for a lie and so much more. It is God who sets up leaders for the nations and brings them down. God will also give wicked leaders to a nation to bring judgement upon it. And yes He judges with mercy. His mercy has been to give us a choice and a last chance. There is the good, the bad and the evil. Ted Cruz – the good and righteous servant, Trump the immoral reprobate and Hillary, Queen Jezebel herself. Of the billions of people in the US, the people have spoken and this is what we get? For Ted Cruz not to be a part of the selection anymore makes it abundantly clear what we will get as a godless nation. There will be little difference between the two now and certainly not in God’s eyes. We have made the real choice which is to reject God again. A third party will have no relevance at this point because we will either do it God’s way or do it ours and it is arrogance in the face of God to expect anything else. (you are still looking for a savior) The people have been given the choice – once again and it is one that will only bring judgement despite all the warnings that have been given. As people of God our responsibility is our vote and our vote is for or against God because without Him we can do nothing. My vote remains – never Trump, never Hillary. In all good conscience how can any Christian compromise the life blood of America and think that is acceptable to a Holy God? ” Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people ” (Proverbs 14:34) The one thing neither Trump nor Hillary bring to America is righteousness nor do they intend to. America is a cesspool of moral decay and saturated with drugs and violence, a corruption from the White House to the jailhouse. It is time to face the hand writing on the wall, and stop calling it something else. This is it! Last call, last chance and I won’t be left standing without having fought the good fight in all good conscience before Almighty God. We are losing the fight it appears, unless there is a surprise ending to all of this and maybe God isn’t done with Ted yet? Keep standing, keep praying as this war must be fought on our knees. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak. We do our best and leave the rest to God. Praying for His will to be done with an army of conservatives that won’t bend or bow.

    To note: Tell your African friend that he needs not to look to America but to put his full trust and faith in our God who hangs the stars in space and is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. He is our Father and He takes good care of His children. My missions work has been to many countries in Africa where I have many African Pastors as friends and co laborers. Built churches and children’s homes. Very active even at this present time. They are praying for us and are great men and women of faith. The time has come to test all faith and to stand fast!

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