Why Didn’t God Save Us From Trump Vs Hillary?

I am grateful that my column reader numbers are way up since I began writing for The Resurgent.com in addition to Townhall.com. I’ve already gotten over 50 messages about this one, the subject matter is something I’ve been thinking about and praying about a great deal. Quite frankly, barring some miracle between now and November, and assuming either Trump or Hillary become President, I think we will be living in the last years of America. I think its that bad. But our future is in no way hopeless, and that’s the real topic of the column.

BTW: Most of the tweets and messages I am receiving from readers are positive. But I do get the occasional that I got today. Here are two, I will leave the screen names off in order to not give the sender too much attention:

God Hates You!

and another one said

God wants you to die you miserable ****.

That’s just a sampling of the rage that’s out there. Both of these were avid Trump supporters. I am betting that neither of these people actually read my column.

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One Response to Why Didn’t God Save Us From Trump Vs Hillary?

  1. Jana Shellman says:

    Many of us believe God sent Trump to save America. God bless you Chris. Let go and let God Bless America in His Way. There is no wrong action, only right action. We cannot manipulate others into belief. We can only trust God.

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