Thoughts on the Trump Inauguration

With Michelle Fields at CPAC 2014

With Michelle Fields at CPAC 2014

I didn’t support Donald Trump during the Republican Primary. I was a Ted Cruz guy. But once Trump won the nomination, I admitted publicly that I would vote for him and that he was infinitely superior to Hillary Clinton or Bernie (Karl Marx) Sanders. (And yes that is me with Michelle Fields who was man handled by an ex Trump Campaign Manager. Just threw that in for giggles. But it reminds me that firing him and bringing in Kellyanne Conway was the best move Trump ever made.) However, since Trump’s transition team began their work, I must say I have been quite impressed. Many of Trump’s Cabinet picks have been nothing short of stellar. Scott Pruitt as director of USEPA is an absolute DREAM pick. As recently as two months ago I never would have imagined that such a pick were possible. In fact, I was honored to be one of 130 scientific experts to sign a letter supporting the Attorney General’s nomination. That letter was read at his confirmation hearing this week by the Senate Committee Chairman.

Overall, I am very encouraged and, when coupled with what’s going on in Kentucky, very optimistic for the future. That is a 180 degree turnaround from where I was as recently as 6 months ago.

That being said, I have to say a word about the protesters. It is amazing to me how many times these people call people like me and those who support President-Elect Trump, NAZIS. In point of fact. The protesters are the ones who share similarities with NAZIS (or if you will recall the National…Aryan…SOCIALISTS). The mindset of socialists hasn’t changed since that time. As I have told you repeatedly on this blog, the Democratic party leadership has been taken over by socialists. These protesters who are going so far to try to destroy the Presidency, are nothing more than anarchists. It is one thing to disagree with the incoming President as I did with Obama. It is another to set fires and wear goggles and gas masks and threaten assassination.

This is a critical time in our nations history. These protesters don’t just want to express their disagreement with Mr. Trump. They don’t want a tangentially different direction. Many of these protestors want to tear down free market capitalism and replace it with a socialist or Marxist (Bernie Sanders is a classic Marxist) model. That is a model that will fail miserably as it has over and over when tried. The one’s who will be hurt the most in that type of system will be the poor, the very people that the protesters claim to care about. They will not just go away after the inauguration. They will have to be defeated in the arena of ideas.

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