The State of the Republicans Post Florida

U.S. Senator Cruz, flanked by Senator Lee and Senator Vitter, speaks against pending immigration legislation during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

I’ve wanted to post about this for several days, just haven’t been able to get around to it. Besides, the situation has been so fluid since last week it didn’t hurt to wait. I still call on all my blog readers to resist the supposed Trump inevitability. Cruz has a very legitimate shot at the nomination now that Rubio is finally out. And by the way, outstanding speech by him tonight. Actually he has been stellar the last two weeks. He was very good and probably won the last debate. A classy departure and the patriotic thing to do.

I am not and have never been a Trump supporter, but somehow, he annoys me much less than Kasich. Kasich is doing a grave disservice to this nation staying in and is only helping Trump who he claims to appose. If Trump gets the nomination then it will be interesting to see if Kasich gets a cabinet position or something more. Ben Carson already confessed that he has a job offer. None of which is unprecedented in politics. It just gets under my skin more in this instance because the future of our country hangs in the balance and I remain convinced that Trump is a terrible (and insincere) choice to right things.

As recently as 5 days ago I was very encouraged that some old school Republicans were beginning to endorse Cruz. The Carly Fiorina endorsement I thought was significant as well. But we are all learning more every day just how sleazy the Republican establishment is. The only sensible thing to do, and the thing that is by far best for the nation, is for all the old guard (including McConnell) to get behind Ted Cruz. The RNC should be bringing out the big money (which they have in spades) for Cruz. Cruz can win the nomination outright and he would be infinitely better as President.

As it turns out none of that matters. Cruz called McCain and McConnell out on more than one occasion (and deservedly so) and they haven’t forgotten. The nation be damned. Ted Cruz has to pay. So tonight Fox reports that McConnell called Trump. Meanwhile, the delusional Kasich is staying in. I think at least McConnell and McCain might be starting to move toward Trump. This is how much they fear and hate true conservatism. (Or at least the closest thing we have seen to it in a couple of of decades.) They would rather have the clown act Trump than a brilliant conservative that could help turn this nation around. I may be wrong in my reading of the tea leaves but that looks like what is going down.

I have been angry with Newt lately. He has seemed like a shill for Trump in recent weeks. But he had good comments on Fox tonight. He said the GOP is insane if it thinks it is going to sneak Kasich and Romney in at the convention. The nominee has to be named Ted or Donald. The whole thing is fascinating and terrifying to watch unfold. I have no idea what’s going to happen going forward. Certainly Trump is the favorite but he is far from having it locked up. And with strong Cruz states coming up and Rubio having gotten out…

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  1. Bree says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve commented here but just want to say that all your support for Ted Cruz is appreciated and I hope you will find comfort in knowing that Ted’s supporters are 100% sold out in their commitment to him.
    I am working in my district (blue state) on Team Cruz and also Ted’s National Prayer Team. (you can go to Ted’s website and join if you like). Apart from all the polls, political pundits and the numbers criteria I believe as Christians we need to have a different mindset entirely. It isn’t about winning and losing but it is about being one nation under God or being a nation gone under. Donald Trump can’t make America great again nor can anyone else who does not not bow the knee to Almighty God who holds the nations (and the fate thereof) in His hands. In this case America without God and the blessings of God can never be great again. It is God and God alone who blessed and made America great. This is where Ted Cruz has a secret weapon. Being a devout Christian and one who seeks the will of God for his life as well as the country, he will be the kind of leader who will turn America back to God just as the Lord requires in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Judgement must first begin at the house of God and the fate of our nation is in the hands of Believers and God fearing leaders. Ted Cruz is the only one in a position to do exactly that. It is no small thing that he is here for such a time as this. The war being fought is for the soul of America and it must be on our knees – first, as it was with our founding fathers. Ted Cruz will be a praying president in the White House again and righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Donald Trump is only what his name implies – Trump – a trumpet blower blasting the slumbering populace to arise from the ashes of liberalism and apathy but he is not a holy man of God nor does he have the Holy Spirit abiding to make him one. His purpose is not to build his own kingdom nor to assume that following.
    The enemy has arrived to challenge the plan of God for America and when the enemy comes in like a flood then the Lord will raise up a standard against it. That standard is the righteous and strong minded believers who understand the purposes of God for this nation. That is why we are backing Ted Cruz for President and will continue to do so. As for the political aspect and from past experience with precincts and polls, a very real scenario can be happening. In other words The fix is in – meaning the Democrats want nothing more than Trump to be the nominee and as such he will easily be beaten by Hillary Clinton. They will make certain of that. To date more than 1700 democrats have crossed over in two states to give Trump the win in open states and more of that to come. Every vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. He will never be president. Obama’s newly formed federal election commission will be counting the votes and he is appointed himself as the overseer. There seems to be no way the people will have any choice no matter who is the nominee – except for one thing. The most important thing becomes the only thing to consider, as Reagan has stated, If we forget God, we will be one nation under God or be a nation gone under. Ted Cruz is the ONLY one who can turn this nation back to God. Its time we understand that and fully support him. With God all things are possible but without Him we can do nothing. Donald Trump is not God and he can do nothing. He is just a trumpet blasting in the wind and has no idea what else to do.
    Miracles are in the making as we put feet to our prayers and pray for Ted Cruz who can be our next president. The last election was lost by one million votes. Five million Christians did not vote. This time let us not be judged for the fate of this nation that hangs in the balance.
    I hope you will Pray and then go vote for Ted Cruz, the only choice for America.

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  3. chrisskates says:

    Bree, I apologize I only recently saw your comment on this post. Thank you very much for sharing it and very much for your hard work in the campaign. I remain very optimistic about Senator Cruz’ chances, especially after the big win in Wisconsin. I continue to support him in several ways as well. Hope you are doing well too. Thanks Again.

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