A Good Week For Me As A Writer and…Turkeys

Sorry to be neglecting the blog. I try, I really do try. I think of a million things to blog about and then time just slips away.

I have had two exciting developments this week as a writer. One involved the new manuscript “The Revenuer” and the other involves a potential sequel to Going Green. Don’t want to give out details yet…counting Chickens before they hatch and all of that sort of thing. But when something concrete happens you loyal friends will be the first to know. I expect it to be 6 weeks before I hear anything for certain.

Just a quick note. I am a long time turkey hunter. I suppose I have harvested about 30-35 turkeys. I should have harvested at least twice that many, but I hunt primarily public land and that can be extremely challenging as the turkeys on that land are more heavily hunted and thus more cautious. The past two years my son Nathan and I have had some very frustrating days. Long difficult hikes in the woods have yielded no turkeys seen or even heard. Today was different. Today I had a wonderful painting play out before my eyes. Only the turkeys were real. Two magnificent gobblers in full color and plumage under a rising sun strutting only 75 yards away in a gorgeous hardwood bottom. This lasted over an hour. They never got close enough for a shot, but the show was well worth all the frustrating days.