Republican Convention

I have wanted to blog in some detail about how the Republican convention works and how the media hysterics about an “open convention” are based on a very short sighted view of history. Unfortunately (actually fortunately) I am too involved in a couple of other big writing projects to take the time to go through it. Just today I have found out about an exciting new national outlet for my writing that will more than double my current reach. I’ll give you some details when my first column appears in the new outlet. I will continue to write for as I am now.

Also, there is something exciting coming up with my novel. (No, not a publishing deal yet…boo). I am entering my novel in a crime fiction contest and have been working on some tweaks with an excellent editor. So, I can’t get to the blog right now.

Bottom line on the nomination…the number of delegates required is 1237 for a reason. If you don’t get 1237 you are not the nominee. Never have been. There has never been any such thing as “the candidate with the largest number of delegates should get the nomination…blah..blah..blah..” No, you failed to get the nomination by winning the majority (which is 1237) so now the nominee will be selected at the convention. Kind of like it has been for at least 100 years.

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  1. Judyann J says:

    While the 1237 rule has long been in place, what is different, the all out push from GOP establishment to sink their own front runner.
    Rules are changed, written before every convention…last was a rule written to protect Romney’s candidacy. If new rules are written this go around, you can be sure it will be to the detriment of Trump.
    Many of us have long recognized the GOP employs a variety of tactics to assure their “chosen one,” prevails. Among the successful, the scare tactic of, “your guy can’t win in the general, it’s our guy or lose.” Millions of us knew McCain would not win, there were times he almost appeared to be throwing the fight. Romney never had a chance, we knew that too but he was the Elite’s anointed one and thus we were told it was our duty to get behind the front runner, hold your nose if you must, but do your duty.
    Millions of GOP voters (and Democrats for that matter) are finally getting hip to their shenanigans. The “Establishment’s” primary goal is to maintain their piece of the power pie, no matter what. The notion of “Country First,” a long lost concern.
    As we witness members of the GOP Elites, the King Makers,” either elude to, or flat out proclaim, they’d sooner see a Hillary presidency than a Trump, the message becomes clearer than ever before.
    Many of us have often wondered what the rationale could possibly be regarding some the dubious to down right damaging Republican decisions, stances, actions or lack there of, have been. Now we know, it is not the opposing party, Democrats who are the “enemy,” it is We the People of the filthy, unwashed, who are the enemy.
    There is no doubt, had the Republican party not declared war vs the front runner, or even just remained neutral, Trump would easily reach the 1237 number. The #1 reason why he scares the hell out of them has nothing to do with our nation and what is best for it and everything to do with being knocked off of their gilded thrones.
    A Trump presidency completely changes business as usual in Washington, renders irrelevant the Donor Class, Special Interest groups and DC lobbyists all of whom wholly own the candidate before they ever step foot into the Oval Office.
    This may well be the first time since General George Washington himself served as our first president, that we have an opportunity to vote for a president not already bought and paid for. A president who only owes his allegiance to the people who voted for him.
    Bill Bennet laid all this out quite nicely in this article:

  2. Judyann J says:

    BTW, imagine if the GOP Elites put this much intent and energy actually stopping the devastating Obama agendas? If THEY created a 100 day plan to stop Obama’s wrecking ball perpetually targeting America, our Constitution, our laws?
    Our Founders dedicated, “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to our nation. We’ve come a long, long way only to discover, our current breed of politicians and leaders stand ever at the ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their own fortunes and power.

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