New Look/New Chapters

I am going to be adding two new chapters this weekend, (I promise this time). Also, the blog is going to get a facelift. One change that I just did is you can now go to any Moonshine Over Georgia Line post and access all the chapters on one screen. Just go to the Title line. Right under the title you will see the Category in gray letters “Moonshine Over Georgia”. Click on that and all the chapters will come up.

But I have more in store. I have contracted with Socially Present to make my blog page more professional and to design a brand new facebook page that will be associated with the blog. I am looking forward to unveiling the new design soon. That and some other changes should help the blog really grow.

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3 Responses to New Look/New Chapters

  1. Anne says:

    Moonshine Over Georgia is a great new title. I am thoroughly enjoying the story. . . as usual.

  2. MW says:

    Cool title!!! Looking forward to the new look.

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