My Column from Thursday Got Lots of Buzz

One of my favorite pastimes is watching my favorite football teams. Or at least it was before the NFL decided to attack Christians as being guilty of discrimination against gay people which is ridiculous. I wrote a letter to both the NFL and my former favorite team. Then I sent it to both of them.

Here is the letter

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3 Responses to My Column from Thursday Got Lots of Buzz

  1. Rudy Tirre says:


    I whole hardly agree with you. Its a shame that leaders of organization tend to agree with the opposite of faith and also honor.

  2. Rainah says:

    I only wish you had included the hypocrisy of the allies of the NFL: businesses who will no longer operate within North Carolina due to ‘discrimination’ in the USA, but who do not mind doing business in nations who outright kill homosexuals, etc. — someone is out to break the moral backbone of the USA. We should not break anyway. That’s the statement that needs to be said by people who have a following, and then we all need to follow……. and work together.

  3. Bree says:

    Thanks Chris for both emails. Tonight is crushing for true conservatives everywhere as the brightest light in America just went out. As Reagan said, we will be one nation under God or be a nation gone under.
    Neither Trump nor Hillary can make America great again because America was great because she was good and she was good because she was blessed of God. We have become a Godless nation with indeed the darkest days ahead. I pray for Ted Cruz and his wonderful family and for every true conservative that has held this banner high. Sad day America.

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