Mr. Banks and One Direction

Tonight my family and I went and saw “Saving Mr. Banks”. It is the story of Walt Disney and his 20 year effort to convince the author of Mary Poppins a Mrs. Travers, to allow him to adapt her novel into a movie.

While I have already learned that at least some portions of the film are not historically accurate…I don’t care. This is a WONDERFUL movie and I already place it in my personal top 5.

I think it appealed to me so much because it is a story about two storytellers. The interactions between Tom Hanks as Disney and Ema Thompson as Travers were priceless to this story teller. I won’t spoil the movie for you but it is a must see. A very uplifting and yet poignant film.

Also the other day, thanks to my daughter, I saw something I never thought I would see. Namely, the “One Direction” movie. Ashton is at home right now and was watching the movie on DVD when I got home from work. I sat down with a glass of iced tea and watched the last half hour or so with her. Something struck me and it is related to the Mr. Banks movie.

This boy band toured the world in their documentary movie. They filled stadiums to overflowing around the world. In all cases the stadiums were almost exclusively packed with girls from 14 to say 17. The girls sobbed as the band sang. They were overjoyed to be seeing the band in person. I hadn’t been very familiar with the songs of One Direction but something struck me. The songs I heard were very positive. They sang about true love and inner beauty and unconditional love.

And all of these thousands and thousands of young ladies from all this variety of cultures around the world drank it in! That is the message these young girls long for. Instead the world gives them the message that they are only sex objects and nothing more. Most of the entertainment world treats our young women like little more than animals to be manipulated for meaningless sex.

So these fairly wholesome young guys come along and sing about true love and accepting these girls as they are and become a world wide sensation.

Not the first time this has been done I know, but it is unprecedented in this decade.

I just looked at the clock. It is late. Tomorrow I will tell you how these two things are related and what any of this has to do with me.

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3 Responses to Mr. Banks and One Direction

  1. MW says:

    Thanks for the movie plug….I am wanting to see this movie, and even all the more now. IMO, Tom Hanks is one of the best actors of all times.

  2. Judy Sheppard says:

    I look forward to your comments. As Christians in this culture we are going to find it necessary to inform ourselves and in some cases get in the “filth” to find thr woman at the well, the blind beggar, And others.

  3. Karla Akins says:

    Such a great point about what girls want. They just want to know someone out there loves them. And we’ve got to be busy spreading the message that they are SO LOVED. It’s part of my Strong Girls movement to make the message known!

    I’ll have to check out that Disney movie. I’ve heard pros and cons. I bet as a write I’m going to love it. God bless!

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