Honored To Review a Brand New Book

YWBMTC ImageI have been selected as one of one hundred bloggers nationwide to review the new book, “You Will Be Made To Care: The War on Faith, Family, And Your Freedom To Believe”, by Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen. Erickson is the founder of the popular conservative website Red State.com. I had a delay in getting started on reading my copy due to a writing deadline of my own but am now a little less than half way into the book and I can already tell you, its a stunning read.

In my speaking and writing opportunities I have spoken out passionately about the war on Christianity currently occurring in our society. The authors of this book, cite some of the quotes and sources that are my favorites as well, yet even I was shocked to see example after example of our first amendment right to practice our faith being trampled by commissions and courts across this nation. But this book is much more than a list of grievances. The authors are going to provide practical things that each of us can do to fight back. I’ll have a full review as soon as I finish reading. However, I can already feel good about recommending that you pre order this book. Just click on the link.

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