Guranteed Belly Laugh

You wouldn’t know it from this blog most days, but my first love is comedy. I did stand-up a few times in college. But long before that I did impersonations and made up my own slap-stick routines to try and entertain myself or a few family members. One of the routines I tried to duplicate most often is in the clip below. I saw this on channel 17 in Atlanta when TBS was WTBS-17 and the owner, Ted Turner, was also the news anchor.

I was home sick from school one day and this clip made me laugh till my sides hurt. I spent the afternoon trying to remember it (there were no VCR’s so I only had one take to go by) and duplicate it with a broom handle for a pool cue and the coffee table for a pool table. Don’t know what I used for the balls.

Something made me think of that old memory the other night at a Christmas dinner and I decided to try and find the routine on YouTube. It was there! I have now watched it three times and I laughed till I cried each time. Slapstick this well choreographed is true artistry. Everything in the scene becomes a prop for the master of slapstick W. C. Fields. The story he tells is secondary. It’s all about when is he going to hit that darned cue ball. Enjoy!!


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  1. Karla Akins says:

    Having met you, I can attest to your great sense of humor! You and Tom Threadgill have me in stitches at time. Love this clip. What a classic! Too bad most people can’t appreciate pure humor anymore!

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