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  1. Dwight Smith says:

    I am glad to see you have continued writing since “The Rain” was written. I have just discovered you website and look forward to reading your articles, comments, etc. I am interested in purchasing “The Tower”, “Going Green”, and “Moonshine Over Georgia”. Where might I find these books to purchase?
    May you and your family along with Rosebower be blessed beyond imagination.
    Dwight Smith

    • chrisskates says:

      Dwight, Nice to hear from you! If you go to the “My Books” tab here on this site, you can purchase The Tower and Going Green and I will personalize them for you. Unfortunately, “Moonshine Over Georgia” is still just a manuscript not a book yet. Still looking for a publisher on that one but think I will find one. We are well and hope you and yours are too. Come and see us sometime.

  2. Rudy Tirre says:

    I have been wondering at times if you are still writing. For there are some times that I don’t hear or receive your emails. But I would really like to have your permission to reprint your articles. I belong to 4 blogs that I post everyday except Sundays. Here are the blogs.

    The Tea Party Commend Center

    One Nation Rising

    The Patriot Action Network

    The Conservative Free Press
    Note: At the Conservative Free Press one need to be a member. If not, you won’t be about to get in.


    • chrisskates says:

      I am wondering if you changed email addresses. You have been a long time follower and I was surprised that WordPress sent me an email today that you were an “unauthorized” user. That doesn’t make sense to me. But yes, please feel free to reprint or link as you would like. Please do credit me though as I am sure you will. I have been blogging much less. Taking so much time to write columns and books, plus I am serving on some committees now as well. I will have a Paducah Sun Column coming out this Tuesday. Thanks for following!

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