Commemorating WWII as We Lose WWIII

I wrote this column after a visit with my son to the National WWII Museum. A Quote from the column: Despite the emotions I felt that day of awe, wonder, abject sadness and horror, I left the museum with one overriding feeling that hasn’t left me even now, five days later…regret. I can’t stop asking myself how did the culture of the West go from that level of valor and selflessness and determination, to one that has nominated Clinton and Trump? How is it that my generation is in the active process of allowing what one writer called the unholy trinity of media, entertainers, and leftist university professors, to do that which our grandparents would not allow Hitler, or Mussolini, or Stalin to do? 

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  1. MW says:

    Wow, great article. I wish I could have visited that museum with you guys. Your article does make me wonder what is going through the minds of the few WWII veterans that are left.

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