Comic Relief

I was going to post about the Riots in England. But I need a break from the heavy posts on this blog, so instead I will share a funny.

So my daughter and her friends were driving the other day, headed off to the mall or some such adventure, when my daughter spots this poor schmuck riding along the shoulder of the road on his bicycle. The guy has on a blaze orange Tee shirt, Jean Shorts (Jorts as my daughter calls them while reminding me how out of style they were), Tall white sox (or tallsocks…another fashion faux pas) and just generally looks disheveled.

My daughter, being the comedienne that she is, begins to make jokes about the poor guy. All the girls gradually join in until every one his having quite the laugh at his expense. Suddenly, as the car draws closer one of the other girls says, “Oh my gosh Ashton….THATS your Dad!!”

Yes dear readers. It was me. I had donned an orange Tee shirt that I got for safety at the plant because I felt it would increase my visibility to cars, I did not get the memo that “jorts” were out of style and “tallsocks” were what I had on beneath my work boots that day, so when I put on my riding shoes I saw no need in soiling another pair of socks what with the “tallsocks” with less than 24 hours of wear.

The sad part is I was peddaling merrily along completely satisfied in my own mind that I looked quite fetching. Little did I know….

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