Thoughts on the passing scene and Presidential Politics

As a columnist, I’ve had a hard time keeping up this summer. One can hardly formulate a draft of a column on the historically bad Supreme Court decision on Obamacare before they come out with another worse decision on marriage. One can barely write about Obama’s latest horrible decision before he makes a horrific decision (Like arming Iran with a nuke or giving them 150 Billion dollars.) There there are the macabre videos of Planned Parenthood which have put every American on notice that mass murder and even dismemberment is being subsidized by American taxpayers.

It’s just all so overwhelming, which I think is the point. I have several columns in the works on any given week, but I have pulled back from publishing or posting until I see how events play out. For example, last week I deleted a column because by the time I got it completed (I wrote it over a three evening period) real life events had rendered the column outdated.

Meanwhile, I haven’t yet commented on the Presidential race. Obviously, I won’t waste my time or yours commenting on any of the proposed Democrat nominees, all are equally awful. Its way too early to predict anything, but I will give you my top five candidates in what is actually a pretty good Republican field:

#1) Ted Cruz- I have been in this man’s corner since before he won the Senate seat in Texas. If you’ve read this blog much at all you know what a huge supporter I am of Cruz. This week alone he showed his courage many times.



And Here:

I don’t buy for a second the argument that Cruz can’t win. If he can’t win, who can? A moderate (liberal) like Jeb Busch? Christie? These two are McCain/Romney revisited. Besides, every American better hope a true conservative can win. We have moved so far to the left in just the past 12 months, no moderate will have the fortitude to do what must be done to deliver the country from the brink.

#2) Ted Cruz- Again, this is what leadership looks like. Watch him here when Code Pink tried to crash his speech:

#3) Scott Walker- Walker is a true conservative. He withstood multiple recalls that he never should have had to face. He has improved Wisconsin’s economy significantly even while having to fight for his life every step of the way.

#4) Bobby Jindahl-Another guy I have seen in person. An excellent Governor and solid conservative. He has successfully led a blue state through some tough circumstances and fought back against the Democrat machine which has run Louisianan since Huey Long.

#5) Ben Carson- Perhaps the most intelligent and accomplished man that ever ran for the nomination. However, I fear he doesn’t have the ground game to get the nomination or to even get close I am afraid.

Honorable Mention-Donald Trump. I don’t trust him (He is a social liberal and said recently at the family forum that he didn’t feel he ever needed God’s forgiveness. Plus I used to watch the Apprentice. The guy has some real liberal ideas on some things. However, give credit where credit is due. The man changed the national conversation on immigration and gave voice to many victims of violent crimes perpetuated by illegals.

Next time-Which Republican’s I feel would be a disaster if they become our nominee.