My Blog Comes Back To Life

Hello….hello….is anybody still out there? I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t. In the course of a career change, selling our home of 23 years in Paducah, leaving our beloved church, and moving to Frankfort, I just decided to not try to blog. But I want to start back. So MUCH has happened. For those of you that don’t know, I was honored to accept the position of Communications Adviser to Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. I work at the State Capitol now in Frankfort. My new job has been full of new challenges and exciting experiences and opportunities. Best of all for this writer, I am writing a ton of very diverse things. Here are a few photos.

At the Governor's Mansion open house

At the Governor’s Mansion open house

The family with the Governor and First Lady and an elf

The family with the Governor and First Lady and an elf

The move to Frankfort has been a bit traumatic for us. Still walking around boxes but we are making unpacking progress daily. Our Golden Retriever Chipper misses his yard and his doggie playmates down the street but he get taken on more walks than ever. Some days I do feel sorry for him. He sits in front of our sliding glass door at the apartment (its a second floor deck) and holds his ball in his mouth and just lets out these big, sad, sighs. But…he will adjust.

I’m working on some exciting projects in the job and am part of a first-class team. I think you are going to see some amazing and positive changes in Kentucky. Kentucky is ranked 34th by Forbes as a good state for business and jobs. I am confident that that is going to improve greatly in the coming months and years.

In terms of my novel, no good news from my agent (who I just signed with in August) yet, but as the publishing business is now, four months really isn’t a long time. In social situations I often tell people about my manuscript “Moonshine Over Georgia” and the actual events it is based on. Every time I do, people are drawn in and fascinated by the story. This just has to become a novel and movie someday.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope to have something posted for Christmas. Just wanted to get reacquainted for now. ¬†Merry Christmas!

Hope You Like the Changes

Hey everyone. Christi McGuire has been making some really good improvements to the site. I think it is looking more like an author site and less like just a political blog, though it is that too. I long for the day when I can have a few videos up and a movie trailer type video for my book, The Revenuer. Still awaiting word from at least one of the publishers. One more did turn me down, but four are still reviewing my material. They may or may not have gotten to mine yet. Just because they accept your material for review, they still have a very long line of prospective authors and manuscripts in front of you. Each of the new tabs is going to have even more content than what you see here. And the new novel tab will be a repository for some short stories related to the book.