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Its a Paducah Thing…you wouldn’t understand.


Its a Midwest Thing, You Might Not Understand

Written on Sunday, June 9, 2013 by

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Last weekend in my hometown of Paducah, Kentucky the weather got bad…again.  It happens here from time to time.  In 2009 we had a devastating ice storm, one  of the worst in the nation’s history. Perhaps you never heard about it. The  storm and its aftermath, though it affected hundreds of square miles, garnered  little or no media attention. That’s because we Midwesterners don’t grab for the  camera lens and scream for FEMA. We don’t even think about needing the federal  government during events like the ice storm or last week’s flood, after all, we  have each other. The water got high this past weekend, really high. Citizens  were encouraged to stay home or to head for higher ground if they were in a  flood zone. Most listened. The ones who didn’t went out to see who they could  help. Their purpose was not to go and drive through high water, get their  vehicle swamped and make further demands on already strained first responders;  instead they were out to help those who needed assistance and thus to support  responders. Certainly we have our fools and buffoons here just as exist in any  other area of the country but they are not the norm. Nowhere have we seen the  mindset of strong community and independence play out any more than in Oklahoma  after the recent tornadoes. How much panic has there been? How many cries for  the government to come and rescue? Based on the coverage I have seen so far, I  would say zero. A funny moment from our Saturday storms, and one that isn’t  particularly rare in these parts: Our recent weather event was a pretty severe  flash flood. But then flash floods sometimes live up to their name and the water  recedes as fast as it rises. That was the case Saturday and it didn’t take  residents long to discover there was no reason not to go ahead and get out of  the house. As I was driving by an exit ramp I noticed a tree trunk had floated  up onto the ramp and apparently been left behind by receding water. I looked  that direction just in time to see a soccer mom in a Chevy Yukon drive right  over the tree. I can only imagine the conversation inside the vehicle. “Oh!  There’s a tree in the way. Baby, go hook my winch cable around that sign post up  there, Mama didn’t order that four thousand dollar off road package for nothing.  We’re about to lock in the hubs and drive right over that thing. We’re surely  not turning around and going home. It’s 40% off today at the mall.” Within half  an hour of the water receding, restaurants and stores were as crowded as  ever. As I watched business boom, I thought about towns like Moore Oklahoma,  and Joplin Missouri, and Paducah Kentucky. Perhaps our generation is softer,  more lazy, and spoiled, but if you look closely enough you can still see the  American independent spirit here. We don’t want need or ask for FEMA. They would  probably just get in our way. However we will travel to help you in your time of  need. We’ve done it before. In Moore, the Southern Baptist Men volunteers were  serving hot meals to those who had lost everything before FEMA ever rolled out  of their headquarters. Our current government leadership cannot fathom such a  mind-set. I think they genuinely fail to see the value of that independent  spirit. Instead they look at folks like us merely as a source of seemingly never  ending tax revenue so that they can perpetuate and grow more and bigger failed  assistance programs. Lord help those who believe they must depend on them. Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To  Do With The Environment, which is available in the Patriot Bookstore and the  soon to be released historical novel The Tower. He has been published in dozens  of national magazines and has authored multiple technical articles in his field  of Chemistry. You can follow his blog at www.chrisskates.com

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American Coal Magazine Article

Hope this link works for you. My article is on page 63. Click on the 2013 issue. It tends to work better if you give the Adobe file a good sixty seconds to load. Then you can hover your cursor over the bottom of the magazine cover and a toolbar will come up. Click in the box with the page number in it and type in 65. Then I think you hit enter. That will take you right to my article. The editor also does a VERY nice review of Going Green starting on page 65.


The Column I Never Wanted To Have to Write


The Column I Never Wanted To Write

Written on Friday, May 24, 2013 by

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By Chris Skates I haven’t wanted to write this one. I have been putting it  off. There are more scandals in the White House now than we can keep up with.  But that’s not the biggest scandal. It is hard to fathom that a President would  sic the full force of the massive federal government on innocent and law-abiding  Americans via the IRS, EPA, OSHA, and FBI. But that is not the most difficult  thing to fathom. I have written about WWII veterans here before. I have had  the great honor to know several of them and become friends with them. I make  them aware of my deep interest in and research of that war so sometimes they  talk to me. They seem to appreciate the effort on my part to know about the  battles and to have as much appreciation as one can have from books and film of  the sacrifices made. So on a couple of occasions they open up.

One of my WWII friends retired as a Colonel. During the war he was a  Lieutenant under Patton. At some point he was placed in charge of an otherwise  all black company and sent to liberate the concentration camps. The fighting was  mostly over, but it was the memories of what he saw in the camps that haunted  him more than the violent battles that preceded that duty post. He told me of  walking into the head officer’s quarters at one of the camps. There were  matching lamps on the desk. The lampshades were made of the skin of Jews. He  told me of meticulous record books, like those that would have been kept by the  finest of accounting firms at the time. The books contained the dollar value of  each Jew that was sent to the ovens. They had placed a value on everything from  ladies purses the victims had been forced to leave behind to gold fillings in  people’s mouths.

My friend walked on wobbly legs out to some storage bins. The bins were of  much finer construction than those of meager quarters of the prisoners. They cut  off the chains and locks, my friend was horrified to see one bin stacked fifteen  feet deep with women’s hair. There were piles of the long locks that the Nazi’s  shaved off the women. The logbooks said they were going to make wigs out of  them.

But it was the last storage bin that took my friend’s breath away. It was  that bin that made his legs so rubbery that he collapsed. For that one was  filled from floor to rafters…with baby shoes.  Never again! Never again! That  has been the cry ever since the world learned of the holocaust. But it did  happen again. And this time the imprisonment and torture drug out over three  decades.

How far have we advanced? How far has our liberal, largely godless education  system advanced us? How much closer are we to that utopian vision where all men  live in harmony and hold hands, while humming the agnostic John Lennon’s “Imagine”? We are no closer. We are farther away than ever. If you still don’t  know of the Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic you owe it to your society to do some  research on it. You owe it to your own children to know what evil personified  looks like so that you can protect them from it.

Now instead of baby shoes we have tiny baby feet in a jar of formaldehyde.   Now instead of having a military company crash the gates with a tank and save  the innocent, we have Planned Parenthood receiving millions in government  subsidies. (Planned Parenthood knew for years what was going on in the Gosnell  clinic. They did nothing to stop it). Now instead of Churchill saying, “We will  never surrender”, we have a President speaking to the Planned Parenthood  Convention and ending his remarks with the words, “God Bless You”.

Back then it was thinly cloaked in the term “the final solution”. Now it is  cloaked in the vapid term “reproductive rights”. It was a horror back then in  WWII. It is a horror now, only the number of dead is much larger and it grows  increasingly difficult to know who the bad guys are.

Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing  To Do With The Environment, which is available in the Patriot Bookstore. He has  been published in dozens of national magazines and has authored multiple  technical articles in his field of Chemistry. You can follow his blog at  www.chrisskates.com