Addendum to yesterday’s column

Well, after 10 years of writing columns, I have never gotten more tweets, FB messages, and feedback as I got on yesterday’s column. Bree, if you are still out there reading, I have no intention of banning you from this blog. This is not the first time you have chastened me and I always listen. However, I am not sure you read my column thoroughly. My main point was/is that any moral high ground we choose to occupy must include in the risk assessment the possibility of Clinton. I meant what I said. I don’t think the Republic will survive it. Also, if you have read this blog all these years and still don’t know that I WELL know that our hope is in Christ and not in Kings or governments, then you haven’t paid adequate attention. However, if ISIS has taught us anything, it is that God does not always spare his people from the consequences of horrible geo-political decisions. Just look at the trail of torture and death ISIS has visited upon Christians in that region.

All that being said, I already regret having written the article yesterday. I feel confident I will end up once and for all in the #nevertrump, #neverHillary camps. (have always been in the latter). But I was in the never Obama camp as much as anybody and we still got 8 years of the guy.

My Two Newest Columns

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook (I already posted these on there), I had two columns published last week. The first speaks to Revolution. Are we undergoing a mini-revolution in 2016?

The second is to rebut a the accusations that coal fueled power plants are leading to the acidification of the oceans. If you’ve seen stories of that type my column will help you refute them.

Thanks for reading them and sharing them as you see fit.

A Clear Picture of Where We Are

Photo I took of a window in the recconstructed Jamestown Church. The oldest church in America.

Photo I took of a window in the recconstructed Jamestown Church. The oldest church in America.


Dennis Prager is one of my favorite writers and social commentators. Every once in a while a column comes along that is just so worthwhile I go ahead and share it here. Though disturbing, this one is excellent. As you read it ask yourself this question, doesn’t whoever the next president is need an incredibly strong moral base to guide him? How can any mortal navigate the waters as described here without an intimate relationship with Almighty God?