Beware of Blizzard Blackouts in New England

Blizzard Conditions In New England

Blizzard Conditions In New England

Keep an eye on the news reports of this blizzard about to hit New England. I will not be at all surprised if they have a brown out or blackout. I am not talking about power outages from downed power lines. I am talking about the region not having enough power generation to keep the power on during the peak demand of heaters running at full capacity. If this happens, and I hope it does not, it will be a completely self inflicted crisis. State leaders across New England have elected over the past few years to base their energy policy on the fallacy of man-made climate change. They have voted to shut down Vermont Yankee Nuclear while simultaneously refusing to approve the building of any new fossil generation. In addition they have rejected the building of gas pipelines in the region which may have at least allowed for gas peaking plants to get them through high demand periods. When you look at New England realize that you are looking at your future here in the Midwest unless we wise up quickly.

Meanwhile this excellent post by my friend Dr. Roy Spencer is well worth a careful read, especially by you students out there about to head off to college and be bombarded with alarmist climate change baloney.

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