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Starting today I have agreed to become a columnist for a web site called Patriot Update. My first article appears today. From this point forward at least some of my blog posts will come from there. I have to write at least one article a week for Patriot and that will take some time for research etc. In addition, I have two articles due for Cornwall Alliance. Any articles I publish will have to serve as a blog post as well.

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Jamestown Contd

John Smith himself went on to accomplish much more after his time at Jamestown. He sailed back to England to heal from a gunpowder explosion and then came back to map 3000 miles of the Chesapeake Bay. He also wrote extensively, publishing several books:

My computer is greatly frustrating me tonight so I will get to the conclusion of this one.

Obviously, all involved in the establishment of the colony felt that the Christian faith was critically important to the survival of the colonists. I haven’t had time here to talk about the horrific “winter of starvation” where almost all the colonists died. But I assume their faith was a large part of what helped them through that.

Still, like modern Americans, the colonists sometimes did not demonstrat Christian virtue in their actions. For instance, after having Pocahontas as a visitor for a couple of years, the colonists kidnapped her for political advantage with her father who was chief. We didn’t get many details of that story however.

Tomorrow night, if time permits, I want to blog a bit about some Southern conservatives that I have been reading lately. If you are like me, you will be amazed at how prophetic they were.

Where It All Began- Jamestown

Today we spent the day at Jamestown, the first Permanent English Colony in the New World. Each of us as Americans can trace the roots and basis of the rule of law and the concept of individual liberty (albeit in a very different form) to the sacrifice of these settlers. If you come here be mindful of which Ranger leads you around on your tour. We did two different tours with two different Rangers and got two VERY different presentations. They were not even close to the same in content. The second guys presentation was abou 100 times better than the first lady we had and she stated that she had been there some 30 years. So it wasn’t a lack of experience, it was a different perspective of the historian.

We stood in a spot where we were told Pocahontas stood and turned cartwheels as a girl of about ten or twelve. This was quite scandalous for the English as she was topless and wore only a loin cloth. However, she was apparently quite carefree and was a tremendous help to the settlers. By the way she never fell in love with or married John Smith. She called him her “father” and looked on him that way. She fell in love with and married a different John a few years later and they had a son. They took him to Europe where Pocahontas was treated like royalty. However, she had no immunity for illnesses in Europe and died after only a year in England at the age of 22.

The picture below is the second church at Jamestown built in 1639. Tracy is standing by it here. It is the only surviving above ground structure from the original colony. Image

This church was Anglican of course as that was the prevailing faith of the Company that sponsored the settlers. Listen to some of their rules:

Any member who misses either morning or evening services, for the first offense shall have their food ration cut off for an entire week.

Any member who misses a second time will loose an additional weeks rations. They were also to be fitted with some type of collar (I assume wooden) for punishment.

Any member who misses a service three weeks in a row shall be PUT TO DEATH!!

How about these.

Any Colonist who uses a profanity shall be severely punished for the first offense.

For the second offense of a profane word, the colonist shall have a bodin (a sharp wooden peg that looked sort of like a golf tee) driven through their tongue!!

For the third offense the colonist shall be put to death.

Any member who profanes the Holy Trinity shall be put to death.

One thing is clear…these people were not sissies. John Smith himself was a genuine tough guy. Prior to ever coming to Jamestown, he went to war in Hungary, was captured, and enslaved in Russia. He killed his captors, escaped, and a few years later was sent to Jamestown as a leader of the expedition.

The “ships” we were told were the size of a modern day school bus in terms of living space. Twenty one or more people lived there for 4 months of voyage. Smith made so many people mad on the voyage (he was apparently very much a type A personality) that he arrived on American soil for the first time locked in Irons. However, he eventually became Governor.

Here is another shot of the church from the inside. They still hold services here but not until Easter so we did not get to attend a service. Some of the foundation bricks are from 1609.


Junk Science

Guys, a couple of you please do me a favor. There is a web site called Junk Science. They posted the review of my book on there yesterday. One or two of you if you get time, go to the page. Scroll down almost to the bottom and you will see Recommended Read. That is where the review is. If you read Going Green post  a line or two about it. I think that will move the review closer to the top. It may not work that way but I think it does.

If you dont have time it is no big deal and I am not sure if you have to register or not to post a comment…..Only good comments by the way LOL.

God’s Word or Hate Speech?

About three years ago, I was filling in for a Pastor on vacation and conducting a Wednesday night message. As part of that message, I mentioned a new piece of legislation called the “hate crimes” law. At that time I warned that I believed it was feasible that in our lifetimes, the hate crimes law would be used to literally walk in to churches and arrest or at least  harass Bible preaching Pastors. I truly believed it could happen in our lifetimes….I never dreamed it would happen this fast.

This morning on the “Today” show, Kirk Cameron was intereviewed by Ann Curry. I say interviewed, perhaps a better description would be he was treated like some odd, slightly freakish, anomaly. Mostly he was treated like someone guilty of a hate crime. Ann Curry….little miss smiley face….looked at Cameron and talked to him as though he were some sort of pariah.

In case you don’t know, Cameron was a guest on Piers Morgan a couple of weeks ago and Morgan forced him into a corner. After repeatedly trying to get Cameron to accept “gay marriage” as a good thing, Morgan finally pushed Cameron to the point that Cameron stated publicly the Biblical truth that homosexuality is in fact a sin.

The TODAY show interview went something like this:

Curry- Kirk…WHY do you SAY these things like this?

Cameron- Well I was asked a question and I was only trying to give an honest answer, you see I base my life on the Word of God and….

Curry- Don’t you see that what you said is hate speech?

Cameron- No, not at all. I would never call for harm to come to anyone. But the Bible makes it clear that marriage should be….

Curry- Why do you have to push it Kirk….


Do you see the tone here? These were just a few key comments but do you see the insidious nature of this??!! In Curry’s opinion, Cameron must be educated. Cameron (and oh well lets just say it) CHRISTIANS are PUSHING it. We PUSH it when we try to defend the sacred institution of actual marriage between a man and a woman.

Curry and company and the rest of the homosexual lobby do not push it. Oh no of course not.  It isn’t as if they force homosexuality into every episode of every show. It isn’t as if gay couples sue churches when they are not allowed to hold their “weddings” in a sanctuary and then the church looses its tax exempt status. Oh goodness no… isn’t that lobby that is pushing it.

Christians are pushing it, and if we don’t stop pushing it we are guility of a hate crime. It is not of course a hate crime to trample another persons faith or religious convictions.

This is sickening and infuriating. But more than that it is frightening. This bullet train of cultural rot that we find ourselves on is moving much faster than I fear any of us realize.

Now this should not be necessary to say, but obviously God loves all people and we as Christians must follow his example. We should want to. No Bible believing Christian (myself included) hates homosexuals or wants anything other than the best for them and their lives.

That is precisely why this is so infuriating. The homosexual lobby does not call out to the larger culture and say, embrace me, I am a human being and thus worthy of respect and love. No, instead they cry out with great stridency and declare, “You must not only embrace me, you must also embrace my homosexual behavior and declare it to be good. THAT is where the “pushing it” truly begins and ends. You are not to be allowed to believe the Bible as it is clearly written. You are not allowed to call sin a sin as informed by God’s word.

The gay marriage lobby will not rest. They are not striving to build gay marriage up. Whether they know it or not, they are striving to tear actual marriage (between one man and one woman) down.

Only those whose life is built upon and informed by the foundation of God’s word can stand up to this onslaught. My thanks and respect to Kirk Cameron for being willing to do so.

New Review by Book Critic

Despite massive and rapid changes in the world of publishing with E-books etc, one thing still holds true. The center of the big time publishing universe sits squarely in New York City. That being said, I was excited a couple of weeks ago, when my Publicist and Friend Kathleen Campbell told me she had convinced the book Critic Michall Jeffers (of Manhattan) to review my novel Going Green. Considering that Manhattan is politically overwhelmingly liberal, I am very pleased with Ms. Jeffers kind words:


Say what you will about Rich Santorum and him not being electable and all that. But they man has run one heck of a campaign. He just won Alabama and this with the conservative vote being split by Gingrich at that. I really think he could sweep the rest of the states except California if Newt would back out. However, Newt feels that he is muddying the water for Romney. I think and he thinks that the possibility of a brokered convention is growing by the day. Many experts believe that would be a disaster for Republicans. I am not so sure.

Remembering Shelton Leonard

If you have now read the article I posted, and if you have also read my novel Going Green, think back on a scene from the story. Do you remember when Shelton was alone in his trailer and he had been drinking? (I would post the scene but don’t have it on this computer.) During that scene Shelton said he didn’t like it when he drank because then he had to take off his mask. He even had a thought about how humans were “writhing all over mother earth like maggots”.

I say the guy interviewed for this article is wearing that same mask.