What I Want This Blog To Be

You need to start a blog. At least that is what my publicist told me.  When one enters an entirely new realm as I have with publishing a book, then you have to trust professionals in that business.  Yet, I have been pretty reluctant to get started.  The reason being, is I feel like we have a new segment in our culture where everyone feels the need to constantly inform the world of every thought. Tweets, blogs, social networks, can any of us possibly have that much to say that others need to hear?

I have been reluctant to add my voice to the cacophony.  I believe it may have been the brilliant Alexadar Solzeneitsyn who I will paraphrase, “Everyone speaks in these times of their rights, their right to be heard, their right to comforts or possessions or security.  But what of the right that no one speaks of. What of the right to peace.  What of the right to quiet before our creator.  What of the right to not have our eternal souls constantly bombarded by information, input and noise?”

Very few people that I know need more input or noise in their lives. Therefore I hope this blog will only be active when I have something worthwhile to say. I endeavor not to blog just to be blogging.

When I do blog I hope that at times I can return to my most comfortable place, the place where I can use my sense of humor. At times I hope it will be deeply Spiritual. At other times it will be unavoidably political.  In all cases I hope it will add value to your day. For if all I can do is add to the noise that already surrounds you, then I would rather not blog at all.