Why Didn’t God Save Us From Trump Vs Hillary?

I am grateful that my column reader numbers are way up since I began writing for The Resurgent.com in addition to Townhall.com. I’ve already gotten over 50 messages about this one, the subject matter is something I’ve been thinking about and praying about a great deal. Quite frankly, barring some miracle between now and November, and assuming either Trump or Hillary become President, I think we will be living in the last years of America. I think its that bad. But our future is in no way hopeless, and that’s the real topic of the column.

BTW: Most of the tweets and messages I am receiving from readers are positive. But I do get the occasional that I got today. Here are two, I will leave the screen names off in order to not give the sender too much attention:

God Hates You!

and another one said

God wants you to die you miserable ****.

That’s just a sampling of the rage that’s out there. Both of these were avid Trump supporters. I am betting that neither of these people actually read my column.

Addendum to yesterday’s column

Well, after 10 years of writing columns, I have never gotten more tweets, FB messages, and feedback as I got on yesterday’s column. Bree, if you are still out there reading, I have no intention of banning you from this blog. This is not the first time you have chastened me and I always listen. However, I am not sure you read my column thoroughly. My main point was/is that any moral high ground we choose to occupy must include in the risk assessment the possibility of Clinton. I meant what I said. I don’t think the Republic will survive it. Also, if you have read this blog all these years and still don’t know that I WELL know that our hope is in Christ and not in Kings or governments, then you haven’t paid adequate attention. However, if ISIS has taught us anything, it is that God does not always spare his people from the consequences of horrible geo-political decisions. Just look at the trail of torture and death ISIS has visited upon Christians in that region.

All that being said, I already regret having written the article yesterday. I feel confident I will end up once and for all in the #nevertrump, #neverHillary camps. (have always been in the latter). But I was in the never Obama camp as much as anybody and we still got 8 years of the guy.

Never, ever, ever, ever, surrender

I did a short post the other day that I would not longer be doing political commentary. Don’t take that to mean that I have ANY intention of backing down from the fight for our nation, our culture, and the hearts and minds of our citizens and community. I will never surrender. I am just going to use different tactics outside federal politics. The keyword there is federal. And I shouldn’t say I will NEVER write about the federal government or political candidates again. If a viable third party arises I might or if Ted Cruz or a Conservative like him (Ben Sasse) makes a presidential run, I would.

But Presidential politics and its cabal with the media is just too broken for me to waste my energy on any further. Trump’s nomination will be proof of that. If this nation nominates him in the midst of all these crises we are facing, then the electorate is worse off and more easily manipulated than I thought.

Clinton/Trump and the Future of America

Well, this changes everything for me and this blog. I likely will cease from doing political commentary, because with the choice of Trump there is no political solution to our problems. It went without saying that the Democrat party became a lost cause with Obama’s nomination for President. Now the GOP is equally lost. Conservatism, that I love so much and have fought for in my columns and on this blog, is essentially dead. Trump confirms that there is no sleeping giant. There is no silent majority. There is only about 20% of the US population that is conservative and that’s not enough to effect change.

So I won’t waste anymore time or energy doing political commentary, certainly not at the Federal level. I may do some on the state level but not even sure I will do that. Instead I will go back to telling stories and writing on matters related the Christianity and the Church. I may shut down the blog all together and only write columns.

I don’t know at this point. I have to do some soul searching and praying. But I’ve spent far too much of my time trying to sway people in this country and I have to admit I have failed miserably. So why make the effort. Better to channel my talents and writing energy in a direction that can help in other ways, either entertainment, or spiritual edification.