Letter to EPA Director Lisa Jackson

I am proud that I was able to make a small contribution to a recent letter written by The Cornwall Alliance to EPA Director Lisa Jackson. In the letter, we state, without any ambiguity, our position on the current state of Climate Change and Environmental/Energy Policy but most significantly we stand opposed to Director Jacksons Endangerment Finding against CO2. I am proud to have been included in this effort and I am proud to be one of the 109signers of this document.

Click HERE to read the entire document. It may appear a bit long at first but it will clarify the Climate Change debate for you a great deal.


Chapter 8: The Meeting Coming Tommorow

I should finish Chapter 8 of Moonshine Over Georgia tommorow and post it for you on both this site and the old blog. I will gradually taper off the old blog but for now will post both places.

I might have finished today but I played softball all day for a charity event. This was to raise money for the family who had their teens tragically injured in a recent Calvert City car accident.

I was very pleasantly surprised at our little team. My son Nathan and his friend Ryan threw together a team at the last minute. Rosebower people that played were Ryan Samsil (thank goodness we had him), Nathan, Denton, Ryan, Chris, and Mike Wooley. We made it through the day uninjured and with our pride quite in tact.