The Hard Stuff


This jail will be an integral part of our story.

This is the view up from “the drop” men were hung in this tower

I had a whole blog post that went with these pictures and somehow it all got deleted. I am too frustrated to rewrite it all. Short version- Ashton took these when she went to see my Mom. The jail is about 30 miles away from Mom’s house. The jail was built in 1880. Men were hung there in the area of the bottom picture. If you had been sentenced to hang, the view at the bottom would have been the last site you ever saw. My grandfather was standing just down the street from this jail on a day when all hell broke loose in 1948. You will find out what I mean soon enough.

The rest of the post involved my frustrations with social networking. I have spent 3 hours tonight trying to do what I am told is essential and that is “building platform”. When does it ever stop? And will I ever “make it”.

Today Brad Thor, an established novelist, released his new novel. In this one single day he appeared on:

  • Imus in the Morning
  • Glenn Beck
  • Lou Dobbs
  • Fox

Meanwhile, I burned three hours. It is 8:15 and I have yet to touch my novel…sheesh…

Oh well. The alternative is to give up. I am not willing to do that. Onward and upward…one step at a time.

I got retweeted by Michelle Bachman

For those of you who twitter, you know this is kind of a big deal. I got re-tweated on two different tweets by Michelle Bachman! She is being lambasted today and tonight even by her own party. This over an issue wherein she simply asked about the security clearance of a Muslim assistant to Secreatary of State Hillary Clinton. Abedin is her name. She is married to Anthony Weiner by the way who has already been compromised from a security standpoint by sending lewd pictures of himself out on his Iphone. This was last year. Perfectly legitamate question for Bachman to ask. Yet rather than provide evidence that Abedin is secure, McCain, Boehner and others lambast Bachman.

Okay, I will say this much

I can’t keep my big mouth shut. Some things don’t sit right with me about the Bulgaria bombing (see post below this one).

  1. It was too blatant. Too in your face. Iran is baiting Israel. I really believe that. They WANT Israel to strike them.
  2. Obama’s response was too appropriate. This sounds funny I know. I should be saying, “Finally, an appropriate response by this President to an atrocity against Israel.”  But I don’t feel that way at all. It was too out of character for him. It doesn’t fit with his past comments on the region. And it especially doesn’t fit with the Obama of the past 6 months.

That’s all I am going to say on the blog. These comments here have already likely placed me on the blacklist.

Vacation Time For The Blog and Updates

The Blog and this blogger are going to take a vacation for a few days. We will be back into the fray once again later next week.

Today I met with Socially Present and learned how to create a YouTube channel so I will be posting some short video speeches etcetera there. That way you won’t always have to read posts you can watch a few too.

I am happy to report that this blog is growing every day. I will get back to work on building my platform when I get back.

Meanwhile, I am going to try and “unplug” as much as I can for a few days. I need to have some downtime from politics and the dire straits of the country.

When I get back, I am happy to report that I will be delivering the evening message at my home church Rosebower Baptist. I will spend some of my  vacation time working on that message.

See you all in a week and Thank You for your support!!!

Brass of the Century Award

Of all the stupid, dishonest, and downright bizzare things that Hussein Obama has said during his political life, today took the cake. Today Obama said something to the affect of “It is important for a Presidential candidate (speaking of Romney) to be open and honest with the American people about his past. He needs to be an open book.”

I really think that Obama is either delusional or a sociopath that thinks that anything he says must be believed simply because he said it. Has there ever been a more hidden and mysterious past from any American politician EVER than the life history of Obama? Gee whiz this is beyond that pale.

Of Polar bears, polemics and….warming?


Dr. Susan Crockford, Zoologist, is another one of the fascinating people I have had the pleasure of interacting with a bit since Going Green was published. She emailed me this afternoon to alert me to her excellent review of Dr. Ian Stirling’s new book. Stirling is called the “grandaddy” of  polar bear reasearch. But I post her review of the book for another reason. Stirling’s work is typical of the recent decimation of the Scientific Method that is regularly taking place now in all fields of science due to climate alarmism. Please read the review by clicking here. It is an excellent piece and worth reading in its entirety.

Moonshine Over Georgia Update

I am getting quite a few complaints that readers don’t like me doing one chapter at a time. Also, the delay between chapters is causing problems for some. They have trouble remembering what they read in say chapter 1 that might have been posted 4 or more weeks prior.

Not sure there is a perfect answer because writing a book takes time. It is usually going to be a minimum of 3 days between chapters and often times more.

Also, I am getting in too big a hurry. I am sometimes rushing to get a chapter out there for you and I am not adequately editing it.

Any suggestions? For now, I am going to hold back chapter 10 which is already completed and chapter 11 which I may finish tonight or tommorow night. I will wait and put out 10-12 at the same time.

Democrats, Republicans and Obamacare

In an earlier post today, I stated that the Democrat party must be punished severely at the ballot box this November for foisting this fraud that is Obamacare upon us. I stand by that, but allow me to elaborate.

As I said in my original post this morning, it is not that I am under the delusion that all Republicans are good guys. That is not the point at all. The point is, that this. Obamacare, and for that matter the liberal court that upheld this travesty, is SOLELY AND COMPLETELY the fault of and the responsibility of the Democrat party. Democrats going back to Teddy Kennedy, going all the way back to 1961 for that matter, have been pushing socialized medicine as a means of control over the populace for decades. They OWN this issue. They authored the bill, every word of it, and NO Republican voted for it.

So the reason that Democrats must be punished is not because I think all Republicans are good guys. But it is so that the party which has championed this power grab for 50 years, is held to account. A message must be sent by voters, not just to the Democrat party, but to ALL politicians in all parties and for generations to come.

Roberts (I will never use the title Chief Justice Roberts ever again), gave politicians supreme authority over our lives. The ballot box is our last line of defense. If the Democrats pay a scorched earth sized price for attempting to grab this much power and over 1 Trillion dollars of our money, then the Repbulicans too will see that. All politicians will think, “Wow, despite what SCOTUS said, we don’t ever, ever want to go there again. It is too politically devastating.”

They will then hear the American People yell loudly…”Don’t Tread On Me!”

Don’t blame me that the Democrats were stupid enough to pass this colossus. Blame them. They made their bed. And again, this was not a mistake. It was a premeditated strategy for control that has been brewing for 50 years.

Time to pay the price for all those years of plotting and planning to rob the American people. This has NOTHING to do with providing health care. The bill will not even do that. It has to do with control. Period.

Gliche in the New Site

I apologize if you have already signed up to follow the new site because something went wrong. Those of you who signed up prior to today, you did not actually get signed up. It was not anything you did wrong, something just went wrong with the site.

Socially Present has come in and helped remedy the problem. The feature that allows you to get email notifications of all new blogs is now up at the upper right of the screen. Now it reads as follows: “Subscribe To Blog Via Email”.

Here are some easy instructions:

  1. In the box that says Subscribe to Blog Via Email enter your email address.
  2. After entering, Click on the “Subscribe” button.
  3. You will receive an email at your email address within a few minutes.
  4. The email will be titled “Follow Chris Skates”
  5. Open the email.There will be a “Confirm” box in the email.
  6. Click Confirm
  7. Sometime later you will get a second email
  8. Title of that email will be “Confirmed Subscriptions to Posts of Chris Skates”
  9. When You open that email is just says congratulations for signing up and then you get a million dollar check mailed to your house. (not really, just seeing if anyone was still reading all this. )