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Well, after 10 years of writing columns, I have never gotten more tweets, FB messages, and feedback as I got on yesterday’s column. Bree, if you are still out there reading, I have no intention of banning you from this blog. This is not the first time you have chastened me and I always listen. However, I am not sure you read my column thoroughly. My main point was/is that any moral high ground we choose to occupy must include in the risk assessment the possibility of Clinton. I meant what I said. I don’t think the Republic will survive it. Also, if you have read this blog all these years and still don’t know that I WELL know that our hope is in Christ and not in Kings or governments, then you haven’t paid adequate attention. However, if ISIS has taught us anything, it is that God does not always spare his people from the consequences of horrible geo-political decisions. Just look at the trail of torture and death ISIS has visited upon Christians in that region.

All that being said, I already regret having written the article yesterday. I feel confident I will end up once and for all in the #nevertrump, #neverHillary camps. (have always been in the latter). But I was in the never Obama camp as much as anybody and we still got 8 years of the guy.

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  1. Jared A. Chambers says:

    There are a lot of good reasons to be #NeverTrump. Brad Thor has outlined them better than anyone. But the fatal flaw of his reasoning, as well as that of Erick Erickson and the whole cabal of #NeverEverTrump is that they think four years of Hillary is just holding the status quo a little longer. If she wins, she’s bring a Dem Senate, perhaps even Dem House, an aged SCOTUS already a man down, and an ability to legalize millions of illegals as a permanent Dem voting block. HRC won’t be an extension of 2011-2017. She’ll be the nightmare sequel of 2009-2011.

    I don’t want to vote for Trump. I might not vote for Trump, especially if he pulls punches against his old pal Hillary and brings Christie or Kasich in as VP. I definitely won’t vote for Trump if a better third party candidate shows an ability to win over both. But your post yesterday, to simply say you don’t know if you can hold firm to NeverTrump if it ensures election of a despotic, evil, calculating, power hungry, lying, criminal, evading wretch like Hillary, was common sense for most of us. To regret it today makes no sense at all. I felt like at least one person at The Resurgent had not lost their grip, a site I’ve since unfollowed as the once wise Erickson now chases unicorns and fairies of delegates unbinding themselves from first ballot support, expectations of the party to abandon whom the primary voters (unfortunately) supported, and other long-shot scenarios where conservatives re-capture a party they haven’t had a grip on firmly in at least a quarter century. I mean, I might think he was a gambling fighter instead of losing sanity, if not for the fact that all appearances indicate most of “NeverTrump” is actually a bunch of elitists who wanted a Kasich or Bush and to repeat Bushism instead of movement conservatives.

    As much as I think Trump is a con, liar, predominantly big government, and underserving of high office, it’s mostly a myth that media and politicos tell themselves that any of them running actually are GOOD people. People looking to Mitt Romney forgot the money he dumped to scorch the earth against his primary foes, only to meekly play Obama’s terms in the general. And I’m supposed to think he is opposed to his fellow NE, socialized-medicine supporting liberal republican because he’s afraid of how it will hurt conservatism?????

    I’ve written too much… to no avail… but you media types perpetuating the narrative that Hillary definitely isn’t as bad as Trump are exactly why he won. No one trusts any of you that this isn’t just a big game, but ultimately you find it all bourgeois and not impactful on your daily life. Ironically, that attitude is giving us someone I think is even more untrustworthy. But the attitude that this club of elites is something we just have to deal with, even when they break laws and lie, gave us Trump.

    I despise Trump because I think he actually is one and the same with these immoral, crony, law-breaking, self-serving, lying, power-greedy elitists. But for you people who think he is actually any more or any worse of those things than Hillary Clinton, much less the awful people we vote for with a “R” every cycle” are getting really delusional. You had a grip yesterday…. please find it again!

  2. M. Fischer says:

    Chris, finally some common sense! I agree with your article from yesterday.
    Basic premise – Our country is on the brink. It will not survive another 4 years of Hillary (or Biden/Warren) because they will cement the destruction Obama has done the past 8 years.
    Three words: Supreme Court and Amnesty.
    The Supreme Court will have a hard left majority after Hillary appoints at least one, and maybe as many as three Supreme Court Justices (for the foreseeable future and possibly for generations). They will side with every left wing case they see – including amnesty.
    Amnesty for 10-12 million illegals will be a reality with the Supreme Court ruling in their favor. Remember the recent amnesty for 5 million illegals stopped by a federal judge. Recently voted 4-4 by the SCOTUS, so that amnesty stayed on hold.
    Imagine 10-12 million new voters for the Democrat party. Every swing state will turn solid blue. And there will never be another winnable Presidential election for Republicans.
    That is the reality. Eric is naive to think America can recover from 4 more years. It can’t. We’ll barely be able to survive with Trump, if that. Cruz was my absolute first choice.
    There is no viable 3rd party option, period. It would guarantee a win for Hillary.
    I am really disappointed with the #NeverTrump movement. They are not facing the reality of a radical Supreme Court, a huge Amnesty and never another winnable election for President.
    There are a lot of things I don’t like about Trump, but I think he will do some things that will actually help the country (appoint strong conservative Supreme Court justices, stop illegal immigration, build up our military, bring jobs back to America, etc.). With Hillary, its 99% bad and destruction for America.

  3. Bree says:

    No, no, no, never regret this Chris. It’s long over due and waited for, to be able to allow God to use even your pain to bless and heal someone else. There is great value in opening your raw heart up even in the heat of the moment to share what so many others are now feeling at our disappointment and loss. I take this moment and validate it as the gift of bearing one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Readers only “see” you from behind a screen, at a distance, in some format so opening your true heart to them makes a connection that they long for. Thank you! The courageous conservatives are still all in the same place and standing as Ted is, knowing that the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord. And there is time, howbeit a small window of time, to allow God to work. We do not know what the end result will be but we do know the command for us now is, “having done all, to stand – for righteousness in this evil day”. I think Noah could speak a word right now. Many things can happen in the next six months that are out of our control, our natural thinking and conventional wisdom will not be sufficient for that. Even Hillary Clinton is on a short leash and Donald turns 70 next month with anger issues. Romney wants to see his tax returns, I want to see his medical reports! Meanwhile Obama is on high speed to finish us off with the same strategy as Trump – distract, deceive, destroy. Building his own kingdom and he will say or do anything to get it. Reminds me of the tower of Babel and worse.
    I read your article three times and your point is well taken especially when you said, ” My argument, like that of my Never Trump colleagues, is a moral one………” Of course it is! The Church has always been the moral conscience of the nation and as a Godly leader, you are accountable for that. So that is why I say we must take the high road and not compromise now. Also you stated, “I believe that a Clinton administration, on the heels of 8 years of Obama will mean the end of this republic” – most likely so and Trump will mean a disaster also. Sometimes God chooses to allow the consequences of horrible decisions (political or otherwise) to bring a nation to its knees or destroy it completely (as with Noah) but we are not responsible for that if we are not part of that and are standing for righteousness. No one wants to see our Republic destroyed but neither do we want it to remain as is. We are broken, we are ravaged and plundered, and no politician can fix that – but maybe a man of God can. The choice has been ours and the verdict may not be in yet. God is not subject to a window of time. Hope thou in God!

    You have championed the cause well for Ted Cruz, Chris. I salute you on that. I don’t know if you have met Ted Cruz but when he, his father and his beautiful family came here, it was heaven sent. Such a blessing! I pray you will take heart – and write from your heart to our broken hearts – that we might look higher to God and draw from His strength to keep His commandments and find peace in the midst of this storm. God bless! Courageous Conservatives need you!

    PS: “When the Christian is confronted with the CHOICE of a lesser of two evils ….. choose neither.” (Spurgeon quote)
    Excellent words! Agree.

  4. Bree says:

    This is just another response that was put out there for all the Never Trump patriots that may be a reminder of why we are “never Trump” in the first place.

    Tom Barnes writes, Trump would be the final President of the United States if elected.
    “Donald Trump and his campaign for President is a philosophical child of the meaningless, shallow, corporate minded media that sees him as its darling. He has been their money cow. He comes from wealth and privilege and he has learned very well at an early age that what you appear to be is much more valuable in the market place than what you really are. He has made billions with the art of the chameleon. Don’t blame him for learning from corporate “Amerika” how to shape reality to close the deal. Modern “Amerikan” life taught him to be as shallow as he seems to be. This man of a thousand faces (many of them vile and vicious) did not appear in a vacuum. He is an Elite in many ways BUT he has learned how to manipulate the out of work, under employed and just plain exhausted American worker like no one else ever seen in this life time. This man was essentially constructed to be who he is by privilege and connections spanning over his entire life time. Therefore I present to you, the very face of the successful “Amerikan” Elite and Art of The Deal, Donald Trump, final President of the United States of Amerika.

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