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I am an author, a speaker, and a columnist. My first passion is writing fiction. I believe that the love of a good book…a story well told can transcend many of the barriers that seem to separate us. I moved thirty seven times in my life and storytelling was my “go to” move. Storytelling helped me make new friends and endeared me to new communities.

I am also a Christian who is passionate about communicating an accurate account of how my faith can inform issues we face in our everyday lives. That being said, I am proud to have become a successful opinion columnist for national websites like  http://townhall.com/ and http://theresurgent.com/author/chris-skates/ The world is a complex place that is often openly hostile to Christians and Christianity. In some cases that’s the fault of us as Christians as we have failed to communicate our beliefs in love and compassion. I hope my columns and blogs will be useful tools for you and that they will help you defend your values in a loving and intelligent manner.

I am a staunch political conservative. I believe that true conservatism is most compatible with a Christian view of the world. However, all opinions are welcome as long as we can have a civil discussion.

My fiction is for entertainment, my columns strive to make you think and think deeply. We need to do that as Christians. We need to be ready to engage those who disagree with our faith on an intellectual level. It is no longer enough to just say, “God says it that settles it.”  Yes, it settles it for you and I. But it does not settle it for much of the outside world.

That being said, I like to have fun too. We need time to laugh and forget the world at times. My first published articles were humor pieces for print magazines, so I write humorous pieces here as well.

I post on average two to three times a week. If you want to get a flavor for what this blog is about, here are some of my most popular posts as well as my personal favorites:

And for a laugh …

We Are Paducah! It’s What We Do

Here is my “official” biographical information:

Chris Skates has 23 years experience in power plant chemistry and environmental. He is the author of multiple magazine articles, technical papers, two published novels, and multiple weekly columns. Some highlights I have experienced over the last few years:

  • I was challenged to a debate on Climate Change with a member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (A debate which per audience exit poll, Chris won!)
  • Written multiple articles and columns on energy/environmental issues.
  • Published several short stories
  • Become a weekly Columnist (see links above)
  • Been named as an Adjunct Scholar with The Cornwall Alliance http://www.cornwallalliance.org/
  • Spoken at various locations on topics such as, Christian environmentalism, the gospel, the true meaning of “faith,” climate change, church history, American history, Darwinism, and Christian Apologetics.
  • My hobbies are singing bass in a quartet, hiking, hunting, mountain biking, and running. (I need to do a lot more of those last two!)
  • You can follow me on Twitter @cskates
  • I have been married to my wife Tracy for 29 years, and we have two children. I am a member of Rosebower Baptist Church where I am a Deacon.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. All opinions expressed in my columns or on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or my church. The information I provide is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages from its use.












5 Responses to About Me

  1. Bree says:

    I am just finding this blog and I Like it much! Getting to know more about Chris is a blessing and I do love the way he writes. I am on a few blogs for not quite a year now and still “feeling them out” but one thing I like best is the personal interaction between the author and bloggers. It makes it much more meaningful and time valued I think. This is great!

  2. Great to get to know you here. I’m with you on the conservative Christian front. My husband is a conservative Anglican Bishop, a part of the continuing church movement that left the Episcopal church back in the 70s when they became liberal. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Going to see if it’s available now. And also looking forward to reading your blog posts and seeing you at conference.

  3. r greene says:

    I just found out about you through our mutual friend Jeff Moss. I went to high school with Jeff. I am excited to find out about you and look forward to reading your stuff. I come from a family of farmer’s, foresters, and Veterinarians. We always considered ourselves naturalists in the way we approached our land and wildlife. I often am amazed at how little environmentalists understand the ecosystems they aspire to protect. prov 12:11

    • chrisskates says:

      Welcome! You are so right, the farmers, forresters etc, were the original environmentalists and had a much more pragmatic and useful approach. I think you would love my novel Going Green. You can buy from me but in all honesty it is super cheap on Amazon right now, especially if you have Kindle. I think the Kindle version is a couple bucks now. Jeff has always been a good guy! Told me he would fly choppers way back then and he made it happen!

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