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The greatest passion of my life is a story well told. I have been telling stories since I was old enough to speak and I plan to tell them until I can speak (or write) no more. TheIMG_1256 world is a complex place that is now openly hostile. I believe a good story can bridge gaps, heal differences, and build relationships across boundaries. Whether those stories take the form of one of my columns or one of my novels, I hope I can contribute positively to a sometimes noisy national discourse.

My latest novel, Going Green, is a thriller filled with intrigue and suspense. Be sure to get your copy here.

To learn more about me, visit About Me. To see my list of speaking topics or to schedule me to speak, visit my Speaking page. Feel free to drop me a line there too!


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  1. Richard Noss says:

    Chris found out today from Steve Sloan you are working in Frankfort, congratulations! What a great week last week was up there- you are part of making history in Kentucky! By all means keep me posted, my brother lives in Versailles next time I am up that way I will let you know. Best New Year wishes-

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