Its Not Amnesty…Its Treason

The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason

Article 3, Secton III

I didn’t listen to his speech. I don’t need to hear his torture of the language, his changing of the clear meaning of words to suit his purposes, his constant lies, or his revisionist history. No Obama, as a matter of fact Reagan’s executive order wasn’t even close to the same thing as what you just did. Reagan had passing votes from both houses of Congress.

What Obama is doing is attempting to criminally put five million law breaking aliens on the payroll of the Democratic party (ie welfare) at your expense as a means of buying their votes in perpetuity thus changing red states to blue. Republicans, ever gullible as to just how sinister their opposition is, don’t seem to realize that this maneuver will end the Grand Old Party…period.

Along with that Obama really doesn’t care that the financial support of these millions may very well drain you financially. In his eyes most of you are racist homophobes who stole everything you have from the Indians and other minorities anyway.

If not stopped this move will weaken the country financially possibly beyond the point of recovery.

Obama’s call for Congress to “pass a bill” is more of his doublespeak drivel. The reason there is no bill from Congress is because the Senate bill is yet another Democrat party monstrosity that would actually lead to more illegals coming here than this executive order and would only pay lip service to border security. Fear not however, the Dems would still appropriate billions toward this phantom border security measure so that they would get yet another cookie jar to reach their grimy paws into. Oh and their is a cookie or two for good lapdog Republicans who do what their told like McCain and McConnell in there too.

And all this talk about suing in court makes me sick. Why should the Legislative branch need the Judicial to retake authority that the founder already gave them from the Executive.

Obama should not be sued. Instead he should be impeached and per Article 3 above he should be jailed!!

Oh that someone in Congress besides Lee and Cruz would MAN UP!!

Obama has just endorsed the invasion of this country and the pillaging of your hearth and hard earned treasure. This move is nothing less than that.


Jerusalem and Jonathan Gruber

Folks I don’t know how many times I have started a blog post in the last two months, probably 50, and then just given up. I mean what do you say about the country we live in now? Even the little blip of political happiness that was the election was immediately tamped down the next day when McConnell basically took the “power of the purse” off the table.

So its bad enough that we have a pathological liar for President (see Fox News and the Jonathan Gruber story who the Prez said he didn’t know until five minutes later when Fox produced a video of Obama in 2006 praising Gruber) who today made a moral equivalency between the Palestinian, Islamic, butchers who hacked Jews with a meat cleaver as they prayed in their synagogue,  and the Israeli people themselves. But we also have Republican leadership who wants to “reach across the aisle” to “get things done”.

Its mind boggling. What right thinking American would want to work with the President on anything? He is completely contrary in every facet of his worldview to the best interests of America. Defeat him, yes. Stop him in his tracks, absolutely. But with the exception of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, a few of the newly elected Senators and about 100 House members, nobody has the guts.

What more is there to say? It’s beyond the pale. See my comments to Brit Hume last night on Twitter vis a vis Immigration and Obama’s treasonous amnesty plans. Brit didn’t respond this time as he has before. But his view, that Republicans should do absolutely nothing when Obama grants the vote to 5 million criminal aliens, is the view of the bulk of Republican moderates. Its revolting to me. Its sickening to watch.

So I haven’t blogged much lately. Who will stand…who will stand…who will stand?

Election Night 2014

  1. As of 7:03 there are some positive indicators for Republicans and thus for the nation. As I have stated many times on this blog and in columns on multiple venues, I DO NOT think the Republicans are in any way political saviors. However, I am convinced that the national Democratic Party have become the political equivalent of a national grim reaper.
  2. In these last few days I had actually changed my hopes for this election. I was actually willing to concede McConnell’s seat (though Grimes would have been a very unserious Senator as evidenced by her ridiculous answers to multiple issue questions this election) would lose but that the Republicans would still gain control of the Senate. I am not thrilled about the man who said he wants to “punch conservatives in the nose” becoming Senate Majority Leader.
  3. The next best thing to that scenario is one that I expect Ted Cruz to undertake as soon as the new Senate is sworn in. I predict Cruz will make an aggressive maneuver to block McConnell from the Majority Leader position. It’s a last second “hail Mary” pass in a game in which conservatives are behind in the 4th quarter but that is where we are. A moderate Republican Senate will be wholly inadequate to fight the battles that the extreme left has forced on this country. We have to move well to the right, towards true conservatism, to have any chance at all of battling the leftism that has permeated our government to the highest levels.
  4. Once Majority Leader is settled, then the very next order of business will be to block Obama’s horrible, un-American, Amnesty plans. Again, McConnell won’t be serious about standing in his way, so Cruz, Lee, and solid Conservatives like the new Senator Scott from South Carolina, will have to push McConnell hard if Cruz can’t unseat him.

What I Witnessed on the Banks of the Jordan

digital rendering of a lighthouse

Last week my family and my church experienced tragedy that we could barely conceive when we lost our youth pastor Michael Cruce, his wife Monica, and their two teen sons Joshua and Caleb. The pain was nothing short of breathtaking. I made the trek down to the banks of the Jordan where the living can’t cross, and now, two weeks later, I am still moved by what I witnessed there.

I witnessed a little girl in foster care that the Cruce family had taken into their home over a year ago and who they had loved so dearly and sweetly, not traveling with them. The foster care service had to place her with another family during the Cruce’s vacation time. The center unknowingly placed her with close friends of Michael and Monica, friends the little girl had known and loved. She is with them still.

Having been asked to serve as media spokesman, I witnessed miracles when individuals in the media, most of whom cover tragedy daily, were so touched that they cried as we spoke. There was the eye contact with a deputy who led the funeral procession in which he projected great compassion and sympathy. Dozens of adults, who had once rebelled against what Michael and Monica taught, came to the funeral and spoke eloquently of the positive impact the couple had on their lives. And then there were emails and texts, thousands and thousands of them, from around the world.

People die every day in this sometimes cruel world, so why did these four humble people, who never sought celebrity or limelight, touch so many on such a deep level in both life and death?

One might guess that it was because they were “nice” and that they did good deeds or they genuinely cared about people. All of that is true, but it seems an inadequate explanation. Perhaps a connection was made because they were innocent victims. But tens of thousands of innocents die daily in wars and conquests, yet this loss of life doesn’t seem to connect strangers across space and time.

The loss of this family did.

This leads to another question. How could the pain of this horrible tragedy be constantly interrupted by the beauty of love that this family gave or received?

Suppose for a moment that what Michael, Monica, and the boys believed were true. Suppose that the primary ethic that they dedicated every waking hour to wasn’t just their opinion, or their way of making sense of it all, or their selection from a cornucopia of hundreds of supposedly equivalent belief systems? Instead what if what they believed was really, really, real? What if, rather than having simply chosen a path, the Cruces had instead reached a point where they grasped the ultimate reality of the universe as it exists?

What if there really was a benevolent creator God instead of an angry deity, ready to rain down punishment that some belief systems speak of? This God doesn’t cause car wrecks that kill, or diseases that ravage, instead, he created a paradise for humans, his creatures, to thrive in. But something went horribly wrong and a contagion called sin entered the heart of created man. What if, as Natalie Grant brilliantly wrote in her lyrics, the sacred had been torn away from us because of sin yet we had all survived. Only now the Creator who is holy and the Paradise which is perfect and does not contain sin, is separated from us by a vast chasm. Chesterton likened our time here on earth to Robinson Crusoe. We are forced to make do as best we can with the good things that were left behind from the ship, from the paradise.

But God doesn’t just leave us here to fend for ourselves. In addition to the good things in life, the provisions, God gave us a more important provision that can breach the chasm and connect us with him. If we accept this provision, his son Jesus Christ, we can relate to him from here in the foreign land where we are shipwrecked.

If all that were true, wouldn’t it explain an inherent connection between us, the creatures? If we are all created by this same God and we all became stranded in this foreign land in the same manner, then that would explain eighteen thousand social media messages from around the world. That would explain how, as I stood on the bank of the Jordan, along with others who were seemingly strangers, we felt a deep connection. All of us were connected because we were stranded there, unable to cross, shipwrecked as it were. Therefore the compassion from a deputy, the kinship with a reporter as tears streamed down our faces, the massive relief that a little foster girl would be loved, are much more than mere empathy. Instead they are deep connections that we the created, share. This passing reminded us of our mortality but more than that it reminded us of a common past and a potential future. At the same time the beauty of these connections, and the balm they provided in the midst of great pain, were gifts that allowed us to have a peek back across that river, toward home and the love that we can know there.

C.S. Lewis wrote of these moments. I conclude with his words:


In speaking of this desire for our own faroff

country, which we find in ourselves

even now, I feel a certain shyness. I am

almost committing an indecency. I am

trying to rip open the inconsolable secret

in each one of you—the secret which hurts

so much that you take your revenge on it

by calling it names like Nostalgia …

The secret also which pierces with such sweetness that

when, in very intimate conversation, the

mention of it becomes imminent, we grow

awkward and affect to laugh at ourselves;

Our commonest expedient is to call it beauty

and behave as if that had settled the matter.


The moments of compassion in which we

thought the beauty was located will betray us if

we trust to them. The beauty was not in them it only

came through them. And what came through them was longing.

longing for the scent of a flower we have not yet found

for the echo of a tune we have not yet heard

longing for a country that we have not yet visited.

Thoughts on the passing scene

I’ve been much quieter than I have wanted to be the past few weeks. I had posted some, prior to the loss my church family suffered but not a great deal. Then I just needed several days to absorb so many aspects of how I experienced God through tragedy that I basically shut the blog down for a bit.

But believe me I have had many opinions I have wanted to share. About ISIS, Ebola, elections, and on and on. But I have resisted in most cases. How many different ways do I need to state the obvious about our current administration. So I have mostly just posted in a more focused area (the green movement) or not posted at all.

I’ll have quite a bit to say in the next four or five days. Until then, here is an article I am quoted in. Honored to be included in this piece.

A Loss Beyond Words

L to R Joshua, Michael, Monica, Caleb

L to R Joshua, Michael, Monica, Caleb

This past Friday, my family lost a family. Dear friends of our’s, who were also our church Youth Pastor family and my son’s mentors, were tragically killed in a car accident on their way to vacation. I was asked to be the media spokesman for the church which was a surreal experience. I did interviews with a dozen media outlets. All were very sensitive and the few stories that I have had a chance to see in print or on television were well handled. I was asked to write the official press statement for the church. It reads as follows:

The Rosebower Baptist Church family is stunned by the tragic loss of the Cruce family. Michael, Monica, Joshua, and Caleb were more than just our youth minister and family, they were vital links in our bond of love. They had been on our staff for ten years and had mentored, counseled, instructed and ministered to both our youth and the church body as a whole. While we are heartbroken with grief at this time, we cling to the words of Scripture with full faith that we need not grieve as others do who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.


Novel Becomes Energy Crystal Ball


Energy Crystal Ball

In 2008 when I began writing my novel Going Green, I spent many hours asking myself the question, “Why?” With all the problems in the nation, why would the Senate of the USA waste time listening to a hysterical Al Gore overreact about the dangers of so called “man-made global warming.” At the time I was much less educated on the research, but with twenty-four years of deductive reasoning under my belt as a chemist, I already knew that Gore’s presentation didn’t make logical sense.