My Impromptu Apperance on CBS Sports Radio

Today on my way home, I was listening to CBS Sports Radio’s the Doug Gottlieb Show. A couple of years ago I was a regular listener and kind of got out of the habit after he left ESPN and went to CBS Sports. But we have a CBS affiliate here now so for the last couple of days I have been tuning in. Mr. Gottlieb is pretty entertaining for the commute home.  He’s can be funny and usually has a fresh take on sports stories that I enjoy. Better yet, his producer is a Georgia fan, as I am, and they were discussing the SEC, which caught my attention when I was scanning channels.

Today, was different. Today the show, and particularly the Producer (whose name I don’t know. I mean no disrespect to him by not using his name) took my breath away.

The topic was Tony Dungy. If you don’t know, Tony was recently quoted as saying he would not have drafted the league’s first openly gay player. The next day Coach Dungy clarified that he meant he would not have drafted him because he would not have wanted the media circus that would have ensued. He stated that he did not believe that this player should be denied an opportunity to play in the NFL simply because he was gay.

Gottlieb and his producer were debating whether or not they believed Coach Dungy’s explanation. The producer didn’t feel comfortable with the explanation because he knew that the Coach is a devout Christian and was in his words “opposed to homosexuals” (Gottlieb may have said this, I was driving at the time and am not certain). So the producer felt that Dungy’s Christian views must certainly have been a part of his statement about the player.

That’s when it happened. The producer stated that it was hard to evaluate a Christian’s views because “religious zealots cannot be reasoned with”.

Let that one sink in a moment. This is a statement, uttered on a national radio program, that is stunning in scope!

In his view, any person that holds the traditional Christian view of marriage that has stood for 2000 plus years are unreasonable zealots. Think of all the people that includes. Sir Issac Newton, Blaise Pascal, Martin Luther, John Calvin, or in modern times, Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Albert Mohler, the Pope, and Billy Graham, and of course little ol’ me and I would estimate around 150 million of my fellow Americans.

The other part that is so hard to get my mind around is that he paints with this gigantic brush simply because these millions hold a view different than his. (Tolerance anyone?).

I’ll try to get a screen shot up of my tweets later. (Not really sure how to do that.)But my first tweet said: “So your Producers stance is that all Christians are religious zealots who cannot be reasoned with. Nice to know.”

A few minutes later Mr. Gottlieb read my name and tweet on the air. I am fine with that. I expressed my opinion in public so no problem there. The producer then said that he didn’t mean all Christians only the one’s who don’t accept homosexual marriage. This would of course include all Bible believing Christians including the Pope, Billy Graham and Ravi Zacharias among others. All brilliant, loving, kind men. None of these men strike me as having an issue with their powers of reason.

It went from there. I am not going to retype all the tweets I sent here. They read most of them on the air. I am also not going to get into the depths of the entire gay marriage discussion in this post. I have done that in the past on this blog. If you want an excellent presentation of the Christian view on this issue I suggest Dr. Albert Mohler’s excellent response to Matthew Vines book. Dr. Mohler’s book is entitled “God and the Gay Christian?” The question mark is the only difference between that title and the title of Vine’s book.

But this discussion was not really about homosexual marriage. It was really about Hutzpah. At one point I referenced 6000 years of human history and the multiple cultures that have accepted traditional marriage. They blew that off as old fashioned. Sure some ideas are old fashioned and need to be done away with. But when an idea is held dear by billions of people through history, and a huge cross section of cultures, shouldn’t one give at least a little pause before tossing that tradition out like yesterday’s garbage?

My larger point was that Coach Dungy and I base our views on the Bible and human history. What does the producer base his views on…his opinion and the current mood of a single culture in a short span of time? That should give him pause. And if it doesn’t, is he not guilty of arrogance on a high level? I’m not saying they have to agree with my view or Coach Dungy’s view. That was never my goal in tweeting to them. But the mindset they stated is scary. The willingness to dismiss Tony Dungy and all that he has stood for over his career and all the good he has done as an unreasonable zealot smacks of fascism. What ever happened with agreeing to disagree?

This recent movement of trying to end careers and destroy people who don’t hold to the current view of the culture has to stop. I should emphasize here that neither Doug Gottlieb or his producer ever advocated punishment or dismissal for Dungy. But others in the culture have and do. In its current state, the least tolerant most oppressive group in the country is the militant gay lobby. People are losing jobs and businesses simply because they believe in traditional marriage. One is no longer allowed to be pro-traditional marriage, you can only be “anti-homosexual”.

I find that mindset the part that is positively scary, and I will continue to take stands to defend against it.

Finally, the guys on the show were pretty fair to me. They made fun of some typos but I had to keep pulling over to tweet and then type rapid fire to keep up with radio comments. I don’t mind that ribbing, even though I think that at first they were going to try to paint me as the stereotypical ignorant right winger. However, their characterization of the Christian view towards both marriage and homosexuals was way off and very stereotypical.

I’m sure I’ll tune in again. I just hope next time they focus on SEC (and particularly Georgia) football.

What Of The Children (Edited)

Do These Look Like Innocent Children To You?

Do These Look Like Innocent Children To You?

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the Gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery…Winston Churchill


Yesterday, that bastion of hard news,, applauded the comedian John Stewart. Stewart, following his normal course of action, had just delivered one of his diatribes regarding the “children” streaming across our southern border from Guatemala via Mexico. Stewart said, “If you are listening to me right now and you are one of those people who wants to send these kids back, first of all…what the (epithet) is wrong with you?”

Stewart’s point of course was that it is inhumane and immoral to send these children back into a violent and poverty stricken country. Liberals like Stewart, and the entirety of the Democratic Party in Washington DC, love to harangue others about abstractions like empathy and compassion when it suits their political purposes. I would posit to you that none of these would-be tutors of the rest of us has opened, or will open, their homes to these aliens. More likely, they will remain safely and comfortably inside their gated communities whilst they espouse to the rest of us what our moral duty is.

None of this is to say that those refugees that are in fact children don’t deserve the utmost sympathy and even assistance. Those of us who feel they cannot be allowed to stay would indeed be something worse than villains if we weren’t moved to tears by their plight. I even find my heart stirred and inspired by their bravery to strike out on such a desperate and difficult journey.

All that being true however, the actions we take as a nation in these next week’s regarding this influx will have far reaching ramifications. As this column has already alluded to, only a small percentage of these illegals are children. I have seen estimates of between 10 and 20%. Most are 17 and older, many bear gang tattoos, per the border patrol, a significant number are not even Hispanic but are actually Syrians. These Syrians have holed up in Central America waiting for an opportunity to enter the US in order to do who knows what. A larger number sport the gang tattoos of the hyper-violent MS-13.

It certainly appears that these poor children are being exploited and used by the cartels and the gangs to provide a public relations shield. That way our enemies of all sorts can be ignored by the few television cameras allowed in the processing centers. I personally question the motives of a Nancy Pelosi or a Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer for wanting to let these illegal entrants remain here. However, since I have no evidence of ill intent and can’t truly know their reasoning, let’s assume their motives are pure for a moment.

So the argument is that the United States, because we are a blessed and prosperous land, has a moral obligation to allow these recent Central American aliens to stay (and yes this number includes some children). If that is the stance of John Stewart and others, then let us follow that out to its logical conclusion. If we are not allowed by morality to turn these back, then what third world aliens can we turn back? Certainly God’s Word implores us to care for the least of these, and because of that the United States has been the most generous superpower in history. But nowhere does he command us to completely surrender our own sovereignty. If these who have clearly violated our laws and who turn themselves in to Border Patrol so that they can go to centers to be fed and housed must be accepted, then the entirety of the third world must be accepted. Ludicrous you say? Not at all. On what principle would we ever turn any immigrant away if these are not? Why shouldn’t we take in the victims of the horrible violence in the Congo or the Sudan as well? And if that is the principal then we cannot just absorb some of the victims, but all of them.

I once traveled to Africa to do mission work. My son just returned from Haiti. Many in our community have recently returned from Guatemala. I am all for aiding these oppressed people. More than that, I am perfectly happy to contribute to the development of their economy in the capitalist model and aiding them in improving their infrastructure as we have in this country. In so doing not just these children can improve their lives but generations to follow can as well.

However, we must be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that we do not have an infinite ability to absorb these people and the economic and health burdens that they unfortunately bring, into our society. The talking heads love to spout that “we are a nation of immigrants”. To some degree that is true, but we are a nation of naturalized immigrants. Our ancestors came here to become Americans, not to extend their culture and language to this land. What’s more only 12 million people total went through Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954. Thousands were turned back because they carried communicable disease or for political reasons. We have already had over 350,000 Central American and Mexican illegals trek across our border in this year alone!

I chose the Churchill quote above for a reason. The solution offered by John Stewart and Liberalism in general is merely a spreading of misery, not an uplifting of the downtrodden. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, are watching and waiting to see our national response to this. If we refuse to make the difficult decision and turn these back, hordes will follow, all seeking similar treatment. Do we really think this fragile economy can take that kind of a blow right now? If by such choices we drive ourselves from recession to economic depression, who will help these children then? If the US fails where is the hope for the Western Hemisphere, not just for today, but for a generation?

First Day International Climate Conference

My friend Dr. Roy Spencer presents one of two presentations at the International Climate Conference

My friend Dr. Roy Spencer presents one of two presentations at the International Climate Conference

I’m writing this from, of all places, the Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas.

More specifically, I am sitting just off the edge of the casino in a bar that has not yet opened. As it turns out Caesars Palace is replete with gambling machinery, marble fountains filled with statuary, and expensive restaurants. However, it is darned near devoid of chairs.

I flew in very early this morning (3:30 AM departure from my house) in order to attend tomorrow’s International Climate Conference. The outstanding scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, who I am also honored to call a friend, will be receiving a man of the year award at this year’s conference. In addition, Dr. E. Calvin Beisner of The Cornwall Alliance, who has been a mentor, will be receiving a separate award. I also have some meetings scheduled for a future book.

But none of this is particularly relevant to you the reader. What is relevant is what those who will be in attendance at this conference are trying to do. Believe it or not, they are trying to preserve your liberty. Those attending this meeting are mostly Climate Change skeptics as I am. (I prefer the label Climate realists, Al Gore, that incredibly wealthy clown of the left, prefers the term “climate change denier”. On second thought let’s not waste time thinking too much about what Ol’ Al says about anything.

But back to the skeptical scientists at this conference, make no mistake; these are esteemed men of science. Many of the men I will be interacting with were studying the climate long before Al Gore ever had his first thought about what he first called global warming.

Since then a sea change has occurred all over the world and it is breathtaking to consider.

Billions upon billions have been spent by the West to combat CO2 emissions which is supposed to curb warming. Last year alone the Sierra Club and a few of their environmental club buddies spent 273 MILLION dollars to lobby Congress. Their openly stated goal is to shut down coal fired power plants (Those of you who operate natural gas plants, as soon as they finish killing coal, you are next in their crosshairs, then nuclear).

On a parallel path, they want to deal with you as well dear reader.

They intend to limit your ability to emit, CO2 in the form of your car exhaust, methane in the form of the cows that produce the beef you insist on eating, and more CO2 in the form of where you keep the thermostat set in your home.

I am not exaggerating. Even now there are written plans within the United Nations to control how much you drive and what vehicle you drive, your thermostat (ie the so called “Smart Grid”) and what you eat. All of this is in the name of stemming global warming.

There are only a couple of problems:

  1. The entire theory of global warming is based on mammoth computer models that have told Al Gore and the United Nations that the planet will warm at a rapid rate and cause catastrophic damage. Unfortunately for Al and company we can now check their predictions against the actual average temperature around the world and we can know that there has been no warming. The models said that we would warm consistently beginning in 1998. By now we were supposed to be flooded by melted glaciers. But there has been no warming in 17 years. So the multi-million dollar computer models have been wrong for 17 years in a row.
  2. Even if the warming predictions had proven true, there is no data that such warming would have resulted in catastrophic results. During the time of the Viking “Eric The Red” he wrote about a vast farming community in Greenland (thus the name). Greenland is now covered by a mile thick sheet of ice. Scientists have told us for years that Eric the Red was off his rocker. That is until a couple of fishermen who were poking around on the narrow shore of Greenland (which the sea keeps the ice off of) and found a log from a log cabin. That led to an archeological dig which found the farming community that Eric wrote about. That can only mean one thing. Temperatures were much higher in Greenland during the days of the Vikings than they are now. This despite the fact that CO2 from cars and industry didn’t exist. And besides, who says ice cover is a good thing? What can grow on ice?
  3. The Climate alarmists always assume that the climate has no capability to offset CO2 induced temperature elevations. But Dr. Spencer and others have found lots of evidence that the climate is incredibly complex and incredible in its ability to correct for these types of changes. (These are called “feedbacks” we may discuss them in more detail in future columns.)
  4. If you are a believer as I am, this complexity in the atmosphere points can be put in a simpler way, God designed the climate to be able to handle anything man can throw at it. And God is not shocked or surprised that we learned to build factories and to generate power. He saw this coming.

All that being said, this group of scientists telling the truth about the climate are tiny compared to the cabal of alarmists who are creating needless and unfounded panic over climate change.

We can discuss the whys and possible motives at a later date. But this is much more than a David Versus Goliath scenario. The good folks at this conference are more like an ant crawling on David’s sling compared to the billions that are being poured into the coiffures of climate alarmists all around the world.

THAT is why I am here. More on this later in the week.

Plumber’s Helper




I don’t know about you but I could use a break from politics and this crazy world we are living in, so how about a little something lighter.

I had to work on a leaky drain line recently at my house. For me that means a trip to the crawlspace or as we will refer to it, a trip into “the pit”. The pit is home to spiders, something gross looking called a camelback cricket and just general creepiness. Not only that, the space is so cramped that you cannot get off your back or your belly anywhere under there. You can’t get up on your knees at all.

Hold that thought a moment while I tell you about Chipper. About 14 months ago, my son (who had already been told that I didn’t want any more dogs {our last one passed away in 2012}) brought home a little fuzz ball of a Golden Retriever pup. In just twelve short months that little fuzz ball weighs 110 pounds. My son named him for his favorite Atlanta Brave, Chipper Jones. Unfortunately, our Chipper thinks he is still a little pup.

Chipper is also very intelligent and thus very curious, so when he saw me crawl on my belly, into the door of the crawl space, he assumed he was supposed to come too. After nearly suffocating from a large and very cuddly dog laying on my back, I managed to get him back out the door. I yelled for my wife to shut me up under the house so I could work uninterrupted. This was very upsetting to Chipper.

Apparently he thought I was in some kind of danger in the pit which was understandable. He probably thought I would be carried off by mole crickets. In any case, he whimpered and cried non-stop while I was under there. Occasionally, I could hear him go up onto the deck and scratch at the back door while he barked. He was trying to get someone to come out and rescue Dad from the dark hole he had disappeared into. Then he would come back and cry some more while he furiously scratched on the crawl space door.

Persistence paid off because he eventually got the crawl space door open. I was far back under the house at the time and saw him belly crawling furiously toward me. He got to a point where I just knew he would get stuck, but somehow he flattened himself out all the more and kept right on coming. I shined my flashlight in his direction and soon saw that he was wearing the biggest doggie smile you ever saw.

Chipper was quite proud of himself and as he got close to me he smiled so big that he crinkled up his nose as if to say,  “Hey, no worries…she had the door locked but I got it open so I can help now. I came to help. I’m here to help.”

When he got close enough he first pawed me about the face, knocking my glasses off then licked me in the face to the point I thought I might drown. It’s hard to be mad at Chipper in these circumstances so I decided to let him stay. But then he got too helpful. He’s a retriever so he began to “retrieve” my tools out of my tool box.

“Thank’s  Chipper but I don’t need the pliers right now. Now…okay…stop that…NO…I don’t want you to hand me the screwdriver….yes…okay…thank you for the duct tape now…you’re…Chipper…you’re not helping now you’re only making a mess….TRACY!!!! Will you call this dog please!!

My wife was in the house. So she heard me holler through the floor. She asked what was the matter and I told her Chipper was hindering the progress of my work.

Now as her and I are conversing, Chipper’s face is about three inches from mine and he is smiling and panting in a most self-satisfied manner. But after I told on him my wife yelled, “CHIPPER!!”

As soon as Chipper heard his name and my wife’s tone, he immediately stopped panting and held his breath. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing as I watched him arch first one eyebrow and then the other upward toward the sound of my wife stomping for the back door.

Again, he thrust a paw toward me and “patted “me on the chest as if to say, “Sorry boss, I gotta go!”

Then, somehow, he turned his tremendous bulk around and made a mad dash crawl for the door that leads under the house.  I continued to laugh as he moved at least twice as fast as he had when he came under there. He was trying desperately to not get caught in the act.

However, timing was not on his side. He only managed to get his head out of the crawlspace before my wife arrived.  That was the first time I got confirmation of just how smart our dog is. Because when he realized he wasn’t going to make it , it was as if he said, “Not gonna make it outside, go to plan B…charm offensive!”

I am not exaggerating, he crossed his front paws, laid his head on his paws, and gave my wife the biggest most innocent brown eyes he could muster. I’m still laughing as I type this.

Dogs can be a real pain. They require lots of care, vet checkups, food and a dog sitter any time you need to take a trip. Sometimes I wonder if they are worth it. But then they give us a moment like this one, where they only want to be with us, comfort us, and do what little they can to protect us from the camelback crickets while they “help” with the tools. Ain’t dogs great?

Moonshine Over Georgia Update

Many of you frequently ask about my new manuscript now Titled “The Revenuer” but once titled “Moonshine Over Georgia”.

Publishing a book is just a slog. It just does not…will not…go quickly. I would say its a marathon and not a sprint but a) that’s cliché and b) that doesn’t say enough. Its just hard hard work.

This is a book that I am trying to break into the “big time” with. That was my goal when I first started writing it and it remains my goal.

The story is much better than it was when it appeared on my blog. I am VERY happy with this story and am hoping I get interest in a sequel because I would love to write one. I already have many ideas for another book.

As it stands right now five publishers are considering the manuscript. Four of these just came on board in the last couple of days. So it may very well be 6 to 8 weeks or more before I get any feedback at all. One has had the book for a bit but has been very busy with a merger and several conferences so they are still a viable possibility.

So, its very exciting but at the same time it has required more patience than I thought I had at times. But just wanted you all to know that I really believe I will have a novel in bookstores everywhere sometime within the next 18 months. I really feel optimistic.